According to the circular of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy No.: 2070.0/28541/2024 on: “Additional measures during the carriage of alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs) on board passenger ferries and cargo ferries”, passengers - vehicle owners should inform the carrier of the type of vehicle that is going to travel and in particular whether it is a conventional vehicle or an AFV.

In the case of an AFV, i.e. a) a pure electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicle or b) a vehicle using an alternative fuel such as LPG or natural gas, the driver-owner must comply with the following obligations:

1) For pure electric or rechargeable hybrid vehicles, upon boarding the vessel, the level of charge of the batteries should not exceed 40% upon boarding the vessel.

2) For alternative fuel vehicles, such as LPG or natural gas, when boarding the ship, the tanks should NOT contain more than 50% of the tank capacity.

3) AFVs shall not be embarked on ships if they have a fault in their supply system and their tanks or accumulators, in case they have not been removed. Moreover, no embarkation will be carried out in case of damage with ambiguity as to whether or not their accumulator is damaged.

4) The responsibility for ensuring that the vehicle is not damaged or broken in its supply system, tanks or batteries rests solely with the owners of such vehicles and the shipowners may ensure this in any manner they determine.

5) Passengers - drivers are obliged to inform the crew at once in case of receiving any alarm indication from their vehicle.