Quality transportations

Minoan Lines' staff, both onboard and ashore, is tasked with ensuring the company's commitment to Quality, constantly trying to improve all services provided to the passengers.

The annual assessment of partners and services is a very important procedure for Minoan Lines, while another equally important procedure is collecting remarks and new suggestions by the staff and the customers of the company.

Great emphasis is placed in assessing the quality of food selected from the restaurants of the company's ships, and also in upholding health regulations.

ISO 22000:2018 (ex. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a certification standard developped by the international standards association regarding food safety. The ISO 22000 international standard is a systematic approach in acknowledging, assessing and estimating risk and severity of various microbiological, chemical and natural dangers connected with all production stages of a food product, from the growth and harvesting of raw materials to its final consumption.

After recognizing all associated risks, the HACCP system aims at their preemptive control, making sure that the food product is safe.

HACCP study in kitchens and mass catering spaces, other than guaranteeing better safety for food products, also contributes to the optimal use of a company's financial resources and the rapid response to any problems