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Human Resources

Employees are an important "capital" in the development of Minoan Lines - and this is why the company invests on the constant training, evaluation and development of its human resources, both onboard and ashore.


The purposeful training and participation of employees to high-level programs, seminars and workshops provide further opportunities for the development of human resources, while also being the most significant "vehicles" for upgrading the level of employees' professional skill, resulting in building competent executives in matters concerning the maritime sector.

In order to achieve the aim outlined above, Minoan Lines tends to the constant training for its entire staff in offices and ships, through specialized seminars and continuing education programs.

Work environment and corporate actions

Culture - Sports - Team Building Programs

In Minoan Lines, we try to provide our people with all tools necessary for their continuous self-development (on a psychological, mental and physical level) and advancement of their career. Other than staff participation in educational programs, the company believes that it is very important to enhance team spirit, through the participation of the company's staff in activities promoting education, sports and the culture of our land.

To that end, the company arranges group visits in museums, cultural spaces, exhibitions, etc. in order to promote the development of our civilization and culture.

Furthermore, the company organizes group activities, where employees takes part in employee championships in football, basketball or other sports, in order to strengthen team spirit and good sportsmanship.

Blood Bank

Minoan Lines has created a company Blood Bank for employees and their families. Blood donations are carried out twice a year in the company's offices in Heraklion by the Mobile Blood Collection Unit of Heraklion Venizeleio - Pananeio Hospital, and the date for blood donation is announced many days in advance to all members of the staff on land and sea.

Health and Safety

For Minoan Lines, health, hygiene and safety of its employees are top priorities. The company is fully compliant with all related regulations and laws regarding health and safety. Moreover, the company provides Group Insurance to its administrative staff, in a private insurance company with additional, advanced health provisions.

Career Opportunities

If you desire to work as Administrative Staff Member in the offices or travel agencies of Minoan Lines, you can fill out your CV (link to the Model CV send to ) and/ or contact the Department of Administration by calling the telephone number +30 2810 399960 (Secretary's Office for Administration)

If you desire to work as a Seaman onboard one of Minoan Lines' ships, you can send your application form to the Department of Crew (send to or to Fax : +30 2810 399964).

Please note:

All CVs completed and entered in our website are granted a reference number and forwarded for evaluation to the competent departments mentioned above. In the event of an initial positive evaluation, the members of our competent departments will contact you for the internal procedure of interviews.