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Cookie Policy

We use cookies on our websites.

The companies belonging to Grimaldi Group (“Minoan Lines S.A.”, “us”) use “cookies”, along with other automated means in order to collect specific information concerning the visitors of our Web pages, such as the number of our visitors, as well as our most visited sites. By collecting this information we are learning how to better customise our Web pages and advertising aimed at our visitors.

Cookies and other Automated Means for Data Collection


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer each time you visit a website. We may use these cookies for instance, to establish wether you have already visited our Web page or you are a new visitor, as well as for helping us identify features of our Web page that may interest you the most. Cookies can improve your online experience by storing your preferences when you visit a particular site.

Web Beacons

Web beacons, (also known as Internet tags, pixel tags and clear GIFs) are usually transparent graphic images that are placed on a website. Web beacons are used in combination with cookies in order to record the actions of Web sites’ visitors. We may use Web beacons to obtain information such as the IP address through which the page containing the Web beacon was downloaded, the URL of the page where the Web beacon appears, the time that the page containing the Web beacon was visited, as well as the type of browser used in order to visit this page.

IP Addresses and URLs

IP address is a unique identifier used by certain electronic devices in order for them to be identified and to communicate with each other on the Internet. When you visit our Web pages, we can view, with the aid of a Web beacon, the IP address of the device that you used to get connected to the Internet. This information is used by us, so that we can determine the device’s general physical location as well as which geographic area our page’s visitors come from. We may use this information in order to change the way our web page is presented and to improve your visit experience.

URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is a unique identifier or address for each resource on the Internet, and it is basically the address of the Web page you are visiting. We will use this information to see which pages are the most visited, as well as the way in which you navigate through our site.

Which cookies do we use?

On our Web pages, we use the following cookies:

Strictly necessary Cookies

These cookies are required for carrying out a transaction or for responding to a request initiated by you. For instance, it may include the memorising of information given by you as you navigate through the Web page as well as the management of the status of your connection during your visit. You cannot refuse these cookies, as this will impact the functionality of these websites.

Functional Cookies

These cookies allow the Web page to remember your choices in order to provide you with better functionality. For example, functional cookies allow the Web page to memorise your own settings, such as the country selection, the permanent connection status in case you have selected it, as well as other customised features.

Analytical Cookies

These cookies allow us to collect information concerning our website usage, including the content you select when visiting our Web pages. Thus we are able to measure the effectiveness and the interaction of the consumers with the Web page, and improve our Web pages over time. These cookies may be provided to us by third-party analytic tool providers but are strictly used for purposes related to our sites.

e.g. :

Targeted Cookies

These cookies memorise information about your usage of our sites and other ones, in order for us to provide you with promotional and other targeted information through our Web pages.

Retargeted Cookies

These cookies memorise information concerning your usage of our own sites, in order for us to provide you with promotional and other targeted information through our Web pages.

Social Media Cookies

These cookies allow access to social networks and may collect personal information regarding your usage of these networks. We have no control over the way social networks collect your personal information and their use is subject to the privacy policy of each social network.

e.g. :

Cookies used on our websites

Session Cookies – These cookies are erased when you close your Web browser.

Persistent Cookies – These cookies remain in your computer after you close your Web browser, until they expire or until you delete them.

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How to disable or remove cookies

Most browsers inform you on how you can stop accepting new cookies, how to be notified when you receive a new cookie and how to disable the already existing ones. Bear in mind, though, that without the cookies you will not be able to take full advantage of all of our Web pages’ features.

How to contact us

In order to learn more about the privacy practices of Minoan Lines S.A., please refer to our Personal Data Protection Policy.