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Milos is one of the most popular Greek islands, and its particularities are what make it a truly unique destination. The volcanic rocks, the picturesque villages, over seventy stunning beaches and its romantic atmosphere have made it a pole of attraction for visitors from all over the world.

Milos is situated at a strategic position, between continental Greece and Crete; it has been inhabited since the Mesolithic age, and is renowned for centuries for its mineral resources. In fact, the obsidian found at the Minoan Palace of Crete comes from Milos, which proves that this Cycladic island had developed commercial ties with Crete during the prehistoric period.

Its capital is the picturesque town of Plaka and its main port is Adamantas, built in one of the biggest natural bays of the Mediterranean. From the charming fishing village of Pollonia, at the north-east end of the island, there is also a ferry connection to the neighbouring island of Kimolos.

Although Milos has the reputation of an island that is ideal for couples, this doesn’t mean that a family or a group of friends cannot enjoy it, too. The choices regarding accommodation, food and entertainment are numerous, its archeological sites are awe-inspiring and a cruise around the island, in a boat or a sailing ship is a remarkable experience.

On the island where the famous statue of Venus was found, you’ll dive in the emerald waters of Tsigrado, Paliochori, Papafrangas and Fyriplaka. You will explore the pirates’ caves at Kleftiko and Sarakiniko, quite rightly two of the most photographed beaches in the world. You will visit the prehistoric settlement of Fylakopi, you will discover the unique catacombs that have been preserved in Greece and you will witness a dream sunset from the Venetian castle.

At Thiorichia you will travel some decades back in time. Combine a dive in the sea with the view of the impressive ruins of the old sulfur mine in the area. At the colourful fishing village of Klima you’ll feel as if you were in a «small Venice», while at the small tavernas of the island you will enjoy fresh fish, mouth-watering «garidomakaronades» (pasta with shrimps), traditional «pitarakia» (savoury pastry snacks) with dry cheese or mizithra cheese and mint filling, and «karpouzopita» (watermelon cake) with honey.

In short, Milos is a destination you’ll fall in love with!

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