6.1 General


6.1.1 It is within Minoan Lines discretion to modify the rules and regulations of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club


Program, after an early notice.


6.1.2 It is within Minoan Lines discretion to modify the rules that define the collection and cashing of points, as well as the privileges offered to a member for his/her participation to the Minoan Lines Bonus Club program, after an early notice.


6.2 Invalidation-Expiration


6.2.1 Minoan Lines can end the Minoan Lines Bonus Club program unilaterally, after a six-month warning. Within these six months, members can cash the points they have collected. After the end of this period, all rights of all members will be terminated and the points that are left in accounts without been cashed, will cease to exist.


6.2.2 In case the legal status of the company is altered, in case Minoan Lines are in any way dissolved, the Minoan Lines Bonus Club program will be automatically invalidated, as well as all accounts of all members. Points that may exist in those accounts will be invalidated, as well.


6.2.3 Members can end their participation to the program, in writing, at any time, without prior warning. After their participation has been terminated, points that may be in their account will cease to exist.


6.3 Responsibilities – Governing Law – Courts with the Appropriate Jurisdiction


6.3.1 Minoan Lines are not responsible for damages that may be caused from acts or omissions made by third persons that may be related to the Minoan Lines Bonus Club program, but are not Company underlings.


6.3.2 Under no circumstances will Minoan Lines be charged with damages caused to Members of the program or third persons, owed to inaccurate or false information given by members themselves, or due to non written notice on the part of members, regarding changes of their personal data. 


6.3.3 The Rules and Regulations stated here, along with every difference that may emerge in relation to them, Minoan Lines in general and the Members of the Program, are governed by the Greek Law and will be settled by the Heraklion, Crete courts with the appropriate jurisdiction. 


6.3.4 Communication – Complaints For any demand or complaint concerning the program and its operation, a member will have to contact the Minoan Lines Bonus Club Department at +30 2810 399850 & 399856, during week days and hours: Monday – Friday, 8:30-16:30.


6.4 Protection of Personal Information


6.4.1 Minoan Lines wish to confirm that the personal information collected for the purposes of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club program are recorded in a safe data base, their personal character is secured and they are not transferred to any natural or legal entity, unless it is required by regulations of the law.


6.4.2 The personal information in question will be processed as a whole or partly, by Minoan Lines, specifically by the Marketing Department of the Company, for statistical and financial reasons, as well as for reasons related to the improvement of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club Program.


6.4.3 The program members are entitled to have access, be informed and object, as foreseen in the regulations of law 2472/1997, as is.


6.4.4 Minoan Lines retain the right to alter the above terms, always in the framework of the legislation in effect.


6.4.5 Applicants who do not agree with the present rules of the protection of personal information, ought not to proceed with their registration to the program in question, as otherwise, it is considered that they consent, according to law 2472/1997, to the use and processing of their personal information, for the purposes of the Minoan Lines Bonus Club Program.