5.1 General

5.1.1 Every time the word point is mentioned, it is solely related with the Minoan Lines Bonus Club Program.

5.1.2 A member is able to cash points with free tickets which he/she can receive when having accumulated the necessary number of points.

All benefits refer to a seat/berth per person one-way, except categories L1, A1, AB1, JS1,AS1 & AP1 that refer to the whole cabin one-way.

5.1.3 All free tickets are offered according to availability and to the Rules and Regulations ruling the program at a specific time. Free tickets are for the programed itineraries of Minoan Lines, domestic and international, to the harbours, domestic or international, used by the company. Minoan Lines retain the right to reduce the number of free tickets at specific dates, or even not offer any free tickets at all, at other times, after having notified the members of the program.

5.1.4 The free tickets a customer may ask for, in exchange for points, are described in the Reward Table, a cashing points table. Minoan Lines may modify the cashing tables, valid at specific times, after an early notification.

5.1.5 After a present has been received and points been cashed in exchange for free tickets, the equivalent points are automatically deducted from a member’s account.

5.1.6 The booking and issuing of a free ticket can be made at least three (3) days before departure, based on availability.

5.1.7 The right to cash points and claim a free ticket belongs solely to members. Booking a free ticket can only be made by members. This claim cannot be transferred to a third person or a relative.

5.1.8 A free ticket can be issued for a third person or a relative, if a member wishing to cash points, has required so.

5.1.9 Members are not allowed to sell free tickets, under penalty of their exclusion from the program.

5.1.10 Cashing points by issuing free tickets is possible only in Minoan Lines Central & Port Agencies (in Port Agencies up to 3 hours before the vessel’s departure):

Athens: 59,Panepistimiou & Emm.Benaki str., tel. +30 210 3376910

Piraeus: 6-10, Thermopilon str., Ag. Dionysios, tel. +30 (210) 4082480-1

Heraklion: 17, 25th Avgoustou str., tel. +30 (2810) 229646, +30 (2810) 229602

Or by phone at +30 210 4145700 and email booking@minoan.gr

5.1.11 Cooperating travel agencies cannot cash points and issue free tickets.

5.1.12 In order to receive a ticket from the Minoan Lines booking offices, members have to show their Minoan Lines Bonus Club plastic card as well as their I.D. card or passport.

5.1.13 Before receiving a free ticket, a member will first have to sign a proof of cashing and receiving points, or sign on the ticket itself.

5.2 Free Tickets

5.2.1 In case a member wishes to invalidate a free ticket that has already been issued, he/she will have to return it to one of the Minoan Lines Central or Port Agencies before the date of departure. Cooperating travel agencies cannot invalidate free tickets.

5.2.2 When a member asks for an already issued free ticket to be invalidated, all points that have been exchanged for it, will be returned to the member’s account.

5.2.3 In case a passenger does not travel (non show) and the ticket has not been invalidated before the day of the trip, then the free ticket is no longer valid and the member loses all the points that were cashed in order to get it.

5.2.4 Class upgrading is not considered as a way of cashing points.

5.2.5 Changes to dates, and/or names will be made to free tickets only by Minoan Lines Central & Port Agencies, as well as by calling +30 2810-399899. Collaborating agencies cannot make any change in the class-kind of a free ticket.

5.2.6 No changes or upgrade to the accommodation class (for the free tickets) are allowed, since points are redeemed. The Central Agencies of Minoan Lines, the vessels, port and cooperating agencies cannot make any change to the category of the free ticket.

5.2.7 In case a free ticket is lost or stolen, a member has to state it to a Central or Port Agency of Minoan Lines and fill-in the relevant Affirmation in Lieu so that the lost ticket is replaced.