2.1 Anyone aged 18 or over is entitled to join the "Minoan Lines Bonus Club". Employees of Minoan Lines are excluded from joining.


2.2 In order to participate in the Program it is necessary to register, by completing the application form found in printed info packages or the Minoan Lines web page.


2.3 Registering with a printed application form: The form can be found in the Minoan Lines Sales Network (cooperating travel agencies, Minoan Lines Agencies, port offices as well as on board the vessels). Candidates have to complete the necessary information in full and sign the printed form, cutting and keeping the temporary membership card, which bears an eight figure number (card code). Thus, a member is able to collect points only by buying tickets, until the plastic-magnetic membership card is sent. Afterwards, the completed application form has to be sent to: “Minoan Lines S.A., 17, 25th Avgoustou str. 71202, Heraklion, Crete, for the “Minoan Lines Bonus Club Program”. Application forms not fully completed and/or without signature, will not be accepted.


2.4 Registration through the Internet: a person can also register electronically, throughwww.minoan.gr where the electronic form is completed and sent by email. The applicant receives an automatic email, which includes his/her personal card with the eight-figure number, and he/she is asked to print and keep it until the plastic personal card is sent.


2.5 Members can use their temporary (paper) card immediately and collect points by buying a ticket. The temporary card cannot be used for point collection on board, in places where points can be collected and other privileges offered by the program.


2.6 Members can fully use their privileges, which result from participating to the program, when they receive the plastic card.


2.7 Having completed and signed the form, the applicant accepts the Program Rules and Regulations, as they are defined by Minoan Lines.


2.8 Participation is personal and each member can only have one account in this program. This account cannot be transferred or assigned to others. In case there are two or more accounts, the extra ones will be invalidated and the older one will remain valid. The points that may exist in the invalidated accounts will be transferred to the valid one.


2.9 The eight-figure number (customer code) is unique for every member and it is a proof of participation to the program. By using this card, a member is able to collect and redeem points.


2.10. The plastic-magnetic card is sent to the members as soon as their application (printed or electronic) is accepted. Every card is personal and remains a property of Minoan Lines.


2.11. Minoan Lines retain the right to invalidate a member’s participation in the program, in case any of the Rules and Regulations is breached. Any request for cashing an offer made before or after the invalidation of a card, will be put under consideration.