The new issue of MINOAN LINES’ magazine “MINOAN WAVE” has been released, dedicated to the city of Heraklion ... a modern, vibrant, dynamic city with rich history and interesting cultural elements, waiting to be explored!


With a clear sense of promoting and enhancing the status of the city of Heraklion as a desirable place to visit, Minoan Lines released the new issue of “Minoan Wave”, which is available to the traveling public, on board the cruise ferries and from the company's commercial network (agents) in Greece and Europe.

Through this luxurious and elegant magazine issue, Minoan Lines aim, once again, to promote the city of Heraklion as a top travel destination ... a unique destination for all seasons, throughout the year!

With both the extraordinary power of alluring images that it illustrates and its well informative, narrative texts, “Minoan Wave” magazine inspires and travels the visitor through its pages, managing to seduce him/her once again, in a magical journey filled with the secrets, fragrances and style of the city unfolded before him.

Heraklion is presented in an exciting way as a city of unique and exclusive experiences that will help the reader discover it in a different, personalized way.  

Though its pages, the reading and travelling public has the opportunity to discover the heart and pulse of the historic and contemporary Heraklion, from the Venetian walls to its modern harbor, to visit its museums and archaeological sites, to taste traditional delicacies and the excellent wines of its local producers and to capture beautiful memories for a lifetime.

Furthermore, as a well-scripted and updated travel-guide, it provides access to a wide range of top events and suggestions, taking its readers deep inside the worlds of wine, food, shopping, music, art and culture, ensuring that they truly “experience” the city.  

The readers of “Minoan Wave” MAGAZINE are mainly passengers of Minoan Lines ... while its circulation amounts to several thousand copies annually, with readership almost three times higher during the summer period with an increased travelling public on board the company’ s cruise ferries.

With honor, joy and a sense of responsibility we promote the beauties of our country, contribute to its touristic development and extension of the tourist season beyond the summer months, listen to the needs of the local community and implement our principles and value system in practice.

"Heraklion city is the birthplace of MINOAN LINES and it will always remain the port of our heart and the city where we all live and do business... it deserves our respect and care".


Antonis Maniadakis,

Managing Director of Minoan Lines




From the Press Office of Minoan Lines

Heraklion, 4th July 2016