Many Greek nationals were stranded in Italy following the closure of air, land and sea borders to curb the spread of the disease which has already claimed thousands of lives globally. Faced with the new pandemic, Minoan Lines worked in close collaboration with the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, the Greek Secretariat for Civil Protection and the Greek Embassy in Rome to identify the repatriation needs of Greek nationals and to implement additional transport solutions as quickly as possible in line with the evolving situation and the new restrictions imposed on shipping companies. On March 21, 2020, on the Ancona Igoumenitsa - Patras route, almost 250 Greek citizens, mostly students and families with their vehicles, travelled on board Cruise Olympia, following all precautionary safety measures, respecting Health and Safety Guidelines of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization, the designated authorities and the company, for a safe trip back home.
The repatriation project was fully successful with the contribution of Minoan Lines Commercial Department, especially the Group department which was in close cooperation with Mr. Alexis Katsareas, Head of the Greek Consular Office in Rome and excellent services provided on board from the officers and the crew of Cruise Olympia.

Total number of repatriated pax was 244 and 45 private vehicles. From the above:
137 pax and 25 cars for Igoumenitsa
107 pax and 20 cars for Patras

Although the implications of Covid-19 have yet to be determined, it will continue to disrupt our lives for the weeks and months to come. We, in Minoan Lines, being social conscious, we feel that is our social responsibility because we can move the needle during this crisis by implementing strategies and initiatives that benefit society, by supporting our employees, customers, associates and the economy at large. Supporting our fellow citizens and giving them the opportunity to have a safe trip back home from Italy's coronavirus red zone, we believe that it is the least we can do, to respond at this crisis.