Minoan Lines’ Management announces that the company has successfully completed the process to receive RINA’s “BIOSAFETY TRUST CERTIFICATION”, the innovative management system certification aimed at the prevention and control of the spread of infections in public places and to provide greater health safety.


More specifically, the certification, assigned by RINA, testifies that Minoan Lines’ management system is compliant with the “BIOSAFETY TRUST CERTIFICATION” scheme. The shipping company Minoan Lines is taking all the necessary measures in the fight against biological agents and the spread of COVID-19, in order to ensure the health of its passengers, partners and people both on land and at sea. The certification is a sign of for its risk management efficiency and ability to provide higher quality service.


The health and safety of passengers, staff and business partners is a top priority for the company that, since the beginning of the pandemic has adopted and intensified the precautionary measures against the spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the guidelines of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization and the designated authorities.


Mr. Antonis Maniadakis, Minoan Lines’ Managing Director, commented “Minoan Lines is fully committed to providing safe transportation for both passengers and business partners and offering the best on board travel experience. Certifications from Greek and foreign organizations in the field of Safe and Quality Onboard Transportation form the core of Minoan Lines' philosophy and practice in both on land and at sea. With the Biosafety Trust Certification, the company "Minoan Lines" proves its responsibility, dedication and sensitivity in providing services to its customers, continuing the faithful implementation of the measures it has adopted.”


Mr. Paolo Moretti, CEO at RINA Services commented “By obtaining the Biosafety Trust voluntary certification, Minoan lines shows its commitment to make passengers and staff feel safe. At this time, a concrete sign of the effort to minimize health risks is essential to regain trust and the company has fully embraced this concept in the strengthening of the dedicated procedures in their management system”.







Get an in depth update of all the precautionary measures that Minoan Lines applies with strictness and consistency to ensure the health and safety of the community, against the spread of coronavirus COVID-19 https://www.minoan.gr/page/6581/ygieini-kai-metra-prolipsis-sta-ploia-mas as well as all necessary information regarding the current itineraries in force and rebooking policies on the company’s website:  https://www.minoan.gr


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From Minoan Lines’

Press Office

          July, 02nd 2020