Minoan Lines continues its selfless offer by assuming, for the third consecutive year, the role of the exclusive carrier of "The Smile of the Child", facilitating its ferry/transportation needs from/to Crete.

On the occasion of the renewal of this sponsorship for 2022, a communication was held between Mr. Antonis Maniadakis - Managing Director of Minoan Lines and Mr. Constantinos Yannopoulos - President of the Organization "The Smile of the Child", in order to seal the pact of voluntary offer that both parties have concluded and honor.

During this communication, Mr. Antonis Maniadakis - Managing Director of Minoan Lines noted that "corporate responsibility and social contribution are inextricably linked to the culture of our company, which actively participates in many sponsorship activities, demonstrating in practice our human-centered philosophy and the essential contribution to society. Understanding the extremely difficult and unprecedented situations, the company supports humanitarian efforts such as those of "The Smile of the Child" that promote social and voluntary activities".

In his turn, Mr. Constantinos Yannopoulos - President of the Organization"The Smile of the Child", warmly thanked Minoan Lines for their valuable support and said "We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, Minoan Lines for standing firmly by our side, demonstrating their social face, and promoting social solidarity and humanity, which, especially with the current unprecedented conditions, we are in great need.  Our long-lasting cooperation helps hundreds of children with health problems, children victims of disappearance and covers our permanent medical needs, reinforcing in us the hope and strength that with such valuable supporters we will continue with consistency and self-denial our difficult work next to every child and family".

Minoan Lines continues to support "The Smile of the Child", wishing to offer its full support to the efforts of the Organization, so that it can continue to help and offer assistance to vulnerable groups of society such as children and their families.