Domestic itineraries / Open tickets policy

​Relevant provisions for the transportation of passengers 
Validity period until 26 April 2021 (For further information regarding the governmental regulations. Δ1α/ΓΠ.οικ. 22439 (ΦΕΚ 1558/Β/17-4-2021)​ Press here


Capacity of ships 50% or 55% if they have cabins (in compliance with the measures for the prevention and treatment of cases of coronavirus COVID-19 in passenger and passenger-vehicle ferries performing domestic sea connections from the mainland of Greece to the islands and between the islands of the country (passenger maritime cabotage), which are posted on the website of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy (Navy) : //


-Marine connections within the country

1. The movement of all types of ships and boats and the operation of ferries for the transportation of passengers by sea, including private pleasure boats and commercial tourist ships, barges and sea taxis from mainland Greece to the islands and vice versa, as well as between islands is prohibited. of the country. The movement of ships and vessels for the purpose of transporting passengers by sea is excluded from the application of the previous paragraph for the reasons of cases a), c), f), g), j), k) and n) of par. Article 3.

Consequently, the transportation of passengers by ships is allowed only for the following reasons:

a) Movement to and from work or during work.

b) Traveling for health reasons (going to a pharmacy, visiting a doctor, veterinarian or going to a hospital or health center, if this is recommended after relevant communication).

c) Providing support to people in need, to a clinical vulnerable person or proving emergency assistance.

d) Attending at specific ceremonial events such as funerals under the conditions provided by law or going to divorced parents or parents who are in a dimension that is necessary to ensure communication between parents and children, in accordance with the national provisions in force.

e) Transfer to a public service, if the electronic or telephone service is not possible only for urgent needs, after the appointment for which the citizen is informed in writing or electronically and under the additional condition of the demonstration of the above information.

f) Movement to the purpose of harvesting agricultural products.

g) for the purpose of a one-time transfer to the place of permanent residence

*University students who rent a property on the site of their studies away of their permanent residence and wish to move and transport  household appliances after the termination of the lease agreement, can do so and be accompanied by another person.


For the exceptional movement of case (a) the citizen is obliged to have a legal identity card or passport, along with a certificate of movement (type A certificate), in printed or electronic form.

The movement certificate is provided, under the personal responsibility of the signatory, by the employer or, in case of a legal entity, by his legal representative or, self-employed, free-lanced professional, and contains the name, place of residence and place of work of the employee, as well as the hours of arrival and departure, taking into account any necessary overtime work.

In the case of self-employed, free-lanced professional, the respective statement of article 8 of law 1599/1986 at PS "ERGANI" with the TAXISNET codes has to be filled in electronically, under the sole responsibility of the signatory. The submission of the declaration form has to take place at the latest before movement of the interested party and must be presented, in printed or electronic form, to the competent auditing bodies.

In any case, the movement certificate can be obtained from the website and has to be completed by the citizen. The attestation of the present case is permanent.

For cases b, c, d, and e the the foresaid certificate is required and should be signed by the interested party himself, at his own risk. The document contains the name, place of residence and place of destination of the citizen as well as the specific reason for the transportation ( Type B certificate.)

For case g, when it is not possible to obtain a document from the employer, it is required to be provided a crop declaration within the Integrated Management and Control System (IACS) of the Payment and Control Agency of Community Aid, Guidance and Guarantee (OPEKPE) or declaration of real estate data (E9), along with a relevant lease contract or responsible assignment statement.

For case f, it is required the submission of the relevant statement of residence certificate from AADE which can be obtained free of charge from the website, or a copy of the income tax return E1.

We would like to inform you that with the decision of the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy, an extensive program of systematic inspections has been launched by the local Port Authorities in compliance with coronavirus protection measures, aimed at protecting the health of islanders, passengers and crews of ships. Inspections are carried out throughout the voyages by Coast Guard units located on coastal vessels and fines are imposed on both passengers and passenger ferry companies.
For the obligatory use of the mask and the delivery of the completed special form - questionnaire health statement to the Financial Officer of the ship along with the ticket before boarding.
Timely arrival at the port of departure is also necessary to facilitate the inspection process.
In case of non-compliance with the above, boarding the ship will not be permitted.

Arrangements for the smooth trasportation of coastal passengers during curfew hours

Passengers of ships arriving in the ports of Greece during the curfew hours from 21:00 to 05:00, will be provided by the Master of the ship an issuance of relevant certificates so that they can continue their trip to their final destination during the above hours.


    Further to the latest COVID-19 guidelines announced by the Greek Authorities for the prevention of the new coronavirus transmission and spread, it is mandatory for all passengers to complete the “Pre-boarding Health Declaration Form”(download here)  and submit it to the vessel's Chief Purser along with their ticket, when boarding, prior to the vessel's departure. Boarding will not be allowed if the form hasn’t been completed and submitted.


    For trips within the period from 25/02/2020 up to 31/10/2020 the following apply:

    In case of requests concerning issued tickets within the above mentioned period due to travel restrictions or passengers requests not to travel due to uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic or cannot travel due to cancellation – under Greek or EU law – of scheduled routes.. Minoan Lines can reimburse customers with 18-month vouchers (OPEN TICKETS) valid for 18months from the initial trip date. In a period of 18 months, customers may at any time use their vouchers for any destination of Minoan Lines’ domestic routes. All vouchers will be equal to the price of tickets that were originally booked. In case the OPEN tickets are not used passengers can request their money back after the 18months pass.

    For tickets issued after July 7th, 2020, the following domestic lines cancellation policy is valid.

    In case a passenger wishes to cancel his/her trip there are two options:

  • Convert the ticket into open date ticket.
  • Cancel the ticket by paying cancellation fees according to the general cancellation terms


  • Passengers or/and cargo associates are kindly requested to restrict the use of cash and prefer payment with contactless debit or credit cards during ticket and/or bill of lading issueand to avoid contact when handing over identification, travel and cargo documents at the port agency or to the check-in staff during embarkation.
  • In the framework of the precautionary measures and the instructions of the competent authorities for the avoidance of social crowdingall passengers are kindly advised to be at the company's port offices on the day of their trip, at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time, in case they need to change their tickets or issue new ones. (at the port office of Heraklion, one hour before the scheduled departure time)