Instructions on Domestic Lines

Relevant provisions for the transport of passengers by ferry. Duration from 24 January to 31 January 2022 (FEK 155/Β/21.1.2022).

For the period from 24 January at 6:00 until Monday 31 January 2022 at 6:00 it is provided that for travel by boat:

For the trip the passengers are required to be:

- fully vaccinated : vaccination certificate*
- or have a certificate of disease as a disease-maker** 
- if they are not vaccinated or treated, a PCR or Rapid Test is required *** 
- boarding passengers from 4-17 years old, alternatively they can present a self test ****

* Fully vaccinated are considered: a) those who have completed at least fourteen (14) days ago the vaccination for COVID-19 coronavirus and present a vaccination certificate with simultaneous identity check of the holder and b) those who have completed at least fourteen (14) days ago the vaccination for COVID-19 coronavirus with one (1) dose of vaccine due to their illness from COVID-19 coronavirus and present a certificate of full coverage - recovery and vaccination with simultaneous testing  identity of the holder. Especially for those who have reached the sixtieth year of age and a period of at least seven (7) months has elapsed since the administration of the second dose or, in the case of single-dose vaccines, from the administration of the single dose, those who have also received the booster dose are considered to be fully vaccinated.

The above certificates are presented either printed by the digital platform or electronically through the person's mobile device, which the competent employee, the owner or legal representative of each business, the employer or the authorized person scans electronically through the special application of article 33 of Law 4816/2021 (A' 118) Covid Free GR with simultaneous identity check of the holder.

**The certificate of disease is issued only after laboratory testing with the PCR method for COVID-19 coronavirus, within fourteen (14) days of the first positive test and shall be valid for ninety (90) days thereafter, subject to the following two subparagraphs. In particular, the certificates of infection issued from 24. 7. 2021 to 31. 10. 2021 either following laboratory testing using the PCR method or following testing using the rapid test for the detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) remain valid until one hundred and eighty (180) days after the first positive test and in any case not beyond 31. 1. 2022. The validity of the certificates of infection issued from 1. 11. 2021 to 4. 12. 2021 either following laboratory testing by PCR or testing using the rapid test for the detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) lasts for ninety (90) days.
It is noted that the first positive control is carried out by:(a) a public authority in accordance with the relevant legislation; or (b) public or private reference laboratories and shall include the full name of the person as it appears on the identity card or passport.

***Where provided herein, the laboratory test with the PCR method for COVID-19 coronavirus must have been performed by taking an oropharyngeal or nasopharyngeal swab within the last seventy-two (72) hours and the testing using rapid detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) must have been carried out within forty-eight (48) hours of the realization of any event for which the demonstration of a certificate is needed. The certificate of these: a) must have been issued by reference laboratories in public or private and b) must include the name of the person, as it is written on the identity card or passport.

***The above diagnostic tests are performed in private diagnostic laboratories, as defined in p.d. 84/2001 (A '70), or in private clinics or in pharmacies or to a private doctor, at the expense of the passengers, and are proved by a mandatory demonstration of a negative diagnosis certificate on paper or electronically. Especially the self-test statement is issued through the website

****The self-testing of covid-19 coronavirus is carried out up to twenty-four (24) hours before any activity and is confirmed either on the electronic platform, or on the special platform, or through the electronic school card for COVID-19. In the declaration of self-testing of the last twenty-four hours of minors, according to para. 3, proceeds either to any parent, even non-cuerator, or to a guardian. No physical presence of the parent or guardian is required when the declaration is presented.

Checks are carried out throughout the voyages by Coast Guard crews on board ships and fines are imposed on both passengers and shipping companies.

Please for the obligatory use of the mask.

Timely arrival at the port of departure is also necessary to facilitate the inspection process.

In case of non-compliance with the above, boarding the ship will not be allowed.


    For trips within the period from 25/02/2020 up to 31/08/2020 the following apply:

    In case of requests concerning issued tickets within the above mentioned period due to travel restrictions or passengers requests not to travel due to uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic or cannot travel due to cancellation – under Greek or EU law – of scheduled routes.. Minoan Lines can reimburse customers with 18-month vouchers (OPEN TICKETS) valid for 18months from the initial trip date. In a period of 18 months, customers may at any time use their vouchers for any destination of Minoan Lines’ domestic routes. All vouchers will be equal to the price of tickets that were originally booked. In case the OPEN tickets are not used passengers can request their money back after the 18months pass.

    For tickets issued after July 1st, 2020, the following domestic lines cancellation policy is valid.

    In case a passenger wishes to cancel his/her trip there are two options:

  • Convert the ticket into open date ticket.
  • Cancel the ticket by paying cancellation fees according to the general cancellation terms


  • Passengers or/and cargo associates are kindly requested to restrict the use of cash and prefer payment with contactless debit or credit cards during ticket and/or bill of lading issueand to avoid contact when handing over identification, travel and cargo documents at the port agency or to the check-in staff during embarkation.
  • In the framework of the precautionary measures and the instructions of the competent authorities for the avoidance of social crowdingall passengers are kindly advised to be at the company's port offices on the day of their trip, at least two hours prior to the scheduled departure time, in case they need to change their tickets or issue new ones. (at the port office of Heraklion, one hour before the scheduled departure time)