Boarding Information

Drivers of commercial vehicles must be present at the port offices for check-in at least 3 hours prior to departure, having with them all the necessary embarkation and travel documents. In case of late arrival of the truck at the departure port, the driver should promptly inform the Port office so that the reservation is not canceled.

WARNING: Unaccompanied trailers should be at the port at least 4 hours before departure, because they ares the first vehicles to board.

Waiting List:

• A Waiting List is kept by the Port Agent at the departure port.

• A priority on the waiting list is given according to the time of arrival of the drivers to the Port Office.

• The Waiting List starts 2 hours before departure.

After the check-in procedure, the driver shall bring the vehicle to the parking lot, next to the ship.

Finally, the driver should be present in the vehicle from the moment the boarding starts. In the absence of the driver from his vehicle during boarding, the company bears no responsibility for failure to board.

Patras South (New) Port: Instructions - Recommendations