The flagship cruise ferry of Minoan Lines, Cruise Europa, has been ranked as the third among eighteen ferries in North Sea, Baltic, Mediterranean and the Adriatic Sea, with state-of-the-art safety standards in Europe according to the results of a survey conducted by EuroTest group, on behalf of its 18-partner automobile clubs, from 17 countries in Europe. Furthermore, the flagship of Grimaldi Group, Cruise Barcelona has been ranked sixth.

Last May, independent and internationally recognized experts in the maritime sector boarded as normal tourists and inspected the safety conditions of 18 passenger ferries as well as all the safety equipment accessible to passengers, as part of the EuroTest consumer protection program.

The survey used the standardized approach as its mode of data collection through mystery inspection onboard focusing on the safety facilities.

The cruise ferry "Cruise Europa" received a "Very Good" rating and distinguished from the other ferries for her modern safety, life-saving, firefighting and fire prevention equipment. The crew was judged professional and well trained to handle emergency situations.

Commenting on this distinction, Dr. Emanuele Grimaldi, President of Minoan Lines and Managing Director of Grimaldi Group, stated: "Ensuring safety at sea, thus preventing a loss of lives, is a priority for our Group. We are very pleased with the positive evaluation of the Eurotest experts which recognizes the commitment and continuous investments of Grimaldi Group on staff training and technologically advanced equipment".