The results of the Tourism Awards 2020 were announced on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.Minoan Lines gained three important top distinctions and won:

Every passenger on one of Minoan Lines Cruise Ferries enjoys the prestige, the confidence, the hospitality of a great Cretan shipping company, traveling with the largest, most luxurious and eco-friendly passenger-vehicle ferries in Europe. He enjoys the entire travel experience, from the moment of embarkation until his arrival to its final destination, the integrated quality services at sea offered by the company's personnel in a luxurious environment of comfort, fun, relaxation, reminiscent of a multi-star hotel.

Minoan Lines, realizing the dynamics of digital marketing and the ever-increasing expectations of their customers, designs and implements targeted online promotion campaigns by constantly monitoring and evaluating all the current trends in the market, the internet and social media.

The company, in parallel with its dynamic course and distinguished development model in the maritime industry, recognizes in practice its responsibility for the protection of the environment, by placing emphasis and priority upon energy management issues. Minoan Lines adopts environmentally friendly practices while at the same time its vessels are the first ecological Cruise Ferries in the Greek Passenger Shipping.

These distinctions confirm the ongoing efforts made by Minoan Lines’ management and personnel on land and at sea. This recognition strengthens, encourages and rewards initiatives of the company that aim to the upgrading of maritime transport in our country and the continuous offer to society as a whole. We will continue to invest in the future and work hard to deserve the preference and trust of our passengers and improve our services for a quality personalized travel experience.

Minoan Lines Press Office

4th June 2020