Birthdays should be celebrated with the people that stand by you.

Minoan Lines Bonus Club turns 13 this year and we want to celebrate with our 300,000 members, together with all of you who trust us for your travels in Greece and abroad.

That's why, in addition to the established privileges you enjoy with your Bonus Club card, we have two surprises in store for you until May 20th:

  • Festive 50% discount for members that will travel on a cabin on 3 specific days of the week (Travel Days* Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday).
  • 3 free aller-retour tickets for 2 people per week, on their line of choice (Cretan/Adriatic). Winners will be selected from a random draw of Bonus Club members that will travel on each week.


* The day of the trip and 50% discount application is the day that the vessel leaves the port of departure.