In 1922, when a recipe for crunchy handmade phyllo pastry from Izmir was combined with the Cretan soft cheese mizithra, Apostolis’ Bougatsa was made. He came from Izmir and settled in Liontaria Square in Heraklion. In this very square Apostolos Salkintzis set up his shop “Leontaria”. His sons Anestos and Kostas continued this tradition so this is how from the grandfather the business was handed down to his grandson Yiannis. Yiannis expanded the business and called it “Phyllosophies”, meaning the art of phyllo pastry. Using the same, old and authentic recipe of his grandfather he continues making sweet and savory Bougatsa as well as numerous other sweet and savory treats. All the recipes come from Izmir and are made with Cretan products. Kadaifi, baklava, rice pudding, cream pudding to go with the excellent coffee served here.

So Phyllosophies is where friends meet and enemies make up. Every day, all day long till late in the evening. At the Lion’s Square, at Yianni’s.

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