The annual maintenance/repair of Minoan Lines’ vessels, H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE & H/S/F FESTOS PALACE, was successfully completed. Thus, as of Saturday, 26.11.2016, the cruise ferries returned, to their scheduled daily itineraries on the HERAKLION-PIRAEUS-HERAKLION route.


The management of the company, whose Chairman of the BoD is Mr Emanuele Grimaldi and Managing Director, is Mr Antonis Maniadakis, taking into consideration the adverse economic circumstances that we are currently experiencing and the need of our country to support and reorganize its productive structure, decided to assign the project of the required annual maintenance and repair works of H/S/F KNOSSOS PALACE & H/S/F FESTOS PALACE to NEORION Syros Shipyards-Greece.


This significant managerial decision of MINOAN LINES, apart from the sentimental value that it carries, constitutes an act of confidence towards this historic and internationally renowned shipyard and it was based, to a great extent, to the quality of the high specialized services provided through its experienced, well trained and highly skilled personnel. 


So, with this move, Minoan Lines’ management has contributed decisively both to the sustainable operation of the aforementioned shipyard, which currently employs approximately 500 employees and the revitalization of the island’s local market, which consists of small businesses and external collaborating parties with the shipyards of Syros.


Furthermore, the company has in practice set the example so that other companies of the Greek shipping industry can follow, which choose the shipyards of foreign countries yards for their standard annual repairs of their fleet.


From the Press Office

of Minoan Lines

Heraklion, December 5th 2016

Visit the link to follow the course of H / S / F FESTOS PALACE upon departure from Neorion Syros shipyards after the docking for her annual maintenance (Syros, November 25th, 2016).