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Responsabilità Sociale d' Impresa

Corporate Social Responsibility reflects a new, modern view of business activity for companies that, when practiced with full respect as to its principles, has a direct and decisive effect on the fundamental values of the society in which we desire to live.

Minoan Lines, in tandem with its continuous strong development, recognizes its responsibility towards the society, and seeks to be actively and consistently involved, in the framework of principles set by Corporate Social Responsibility, in the development of innovative actions and in presenting significant social work.

The company, based on the principles of its anthropocentric philosophy, always tries to encourage and award notable initiatives and efforts. In the process of implementing its corporate strategies and commercial policies, the company promotes an integrated, coordinated, qualitative and substantial social work and sets important aims, through its active participation and support of a wide spectrum of different social activities which are inextricably connected with society as a whole and focus on CULTURE – EDUCATION – HEALTH – SPORTS - ENVIRONMENT.

Here below is an outline of some of the major support initiatives that our company has adopted.

Sponsorships on museums, universities, primary & secondary education institutions, cultural institutions and organizations: Archeological Museum of Heraklion, Historical Museum of Heraklion, Museum of Nikos Kazantzakis, Nautical Museum of Chania, University of Crete, Prefecture of Crete and Municipality of Heraklion for the organization of special cultural and educational events, Tedx Chania, Chania Film Festival, supporting Non-Government Organizations, Monasteries, religious and social welfare institutions, S.O.S. Village Crete, Special Institution of Supporting Abused Women in Heraklion, Special Centers of Kids with special needs, Make a Wish Greece, etc.

Minoan Lines stands by the Organization of «Smile with a Child” as an exclusive transportation sponsor for vehicles and passengers who need to travel and support the unique mission of the organization. Our company supports such initiatives which deliver relief and achieve meaningful results for children and families in need. Investing in this cause, the company actively demonstrates its spirit of solidarity and selflessness towards fellow citizens in need

Minoan Lines supports sports institutions to promote the spirit of wellness and the athletic ideal to the younger generations.

Supporting Sports Clubs, Institutions and Activities – Male Football Teams OFI, TYMBAKI, Kissamikos-Chania, Panachaiki, Thesportos, Ergotelis, Irodotos FC, Female, Non-Government Organizations promoting sports, such as the Panhellenic Woman Sports Club "Callipateira", Academy Chania Basketball Club, Sports Institution Talos and Mellon for People with Special Needs, Union of Football Teams in Lasithi Crete, Athletic Institution of Thira, Special Sports Events “RUN GREECE”, other teams within Crete in smaller categories and the athletic kid and youth soccer academies.

Minoan Lines supports:

The Cretan Volleyball Association and the teams in all categories (Championships, Men and Women Categories, Kids and Youngsters).

The Nautical Club of Southern Crete aiming to promote the athletic ideal and social development by educating youth through nautical sports practiced at the southern region of Crete (Heraklion and Rethimnon).

The Olympic Gold Medalist and windsurfing champion Nikolas Kaklamanakis.

The Paralympic Gold Medalist and international javelin champion Manolis Stefanoudakis

It is the proud sponsor of the following two young athletes in honor of their golden performance, their Cretan origin and athletic spirit:

Gold Medalist of European Junior Karate Championship, Kelly Kydonaki

Gold Medalist of Greek Fencing Championship, Marinela Pediaditaki

Within the framework of corporate responsibility actions, Minoan Lines firmly supports a purely anthropocentric philosophy towards health care programs and humanitarian initiatives.

It is a proud sponsor of

The Doctors of the Aegean (General University Hospital of Heraklion) and their humanitarian missions to Crete and remote islands near the borders and other parts of Greece.

The Mobile Medical Unit of “Annousakeio Therapeutic and Recovery Rehabilitation Center” in Kissamos, Chania founded and supported by the Metropolis of Kissamos and Selinon.

It is an innovative health care program operated by a mobile Medical Unit in remote areas of the Metropolis and other isolated areas in Crete who are in need. Minoan Lines stands

Supporting Special Social groups

Minoan Lines recognizes the needs of special or even disadvantaged social groups and adjusts its commercial policy accordingly.

Focusing on sustainable social practices is a must! Minoan Lines stands by the people and their values.