As the safety of our passengers and partners as well as our crewmembers is our top priority, a series of precautionary measures has been adopted on health and safety precautions related to COVID-19 in order to help our customers have a healthy travelling experience. Here below you may be informed for the process and measures taken, valid up to 27/03/2023 on our domestic routes. Specifically:

  1. During the trip, passengers have to keep wearing mask at the common areas of the vessel , either indoor or outdoor/deck areas.
  2. Officers and crewmembers are provided with sanitized equipment and it is mandatory during the trip and while engage with passengers (during embarkation / disembarkation and on common areas) to wear masks.
  3. Social distancing measures of 1.5 meters are applied between passengers on board.
  4. Regarding the distribution of passengers in cabins, from 13/03/2023 to 27/03/2023 four individual passengers can be accommodated on 4-berth cabins.
  5. Seat allocation and seat blocking have been applied for Economy Air Type and VIP seats, creating more space by limiting the number of passengers on each trip and keeping seats empty so no one is sitting next to another person, as part of the physical distancing measures of 1.5 meters.
  6. We continuously review our processes for ensuring cabin cleanliness. We intensified the cleaning and disinfection activities of cabins and common areas in our vessels, in collaboration with specialized disinfection and cleaning companies, in addition to the regular daily hygiene and cleaning process.
  7. All our linen and blankets are washed, dried and ironed at temperatures to kill pathogenic bacteria and placed per trip in each cabin, by our crewmembers wearing gloves.
  8. Minoan Lines Cruise Ferries feature advanced air purification and filtration systems that filter the outside air, which is disinfected and purified on special filters and it is not circulated from one cabin to another.
  9. Minoan Lines holds ISO 22000:2005 Certificate, “Food Safety Management System for storage, processing and serving food on board” byTUV HELLAS (member of RWTUV Group). That reflects the principles of HACCP system (Hazardous Analysis Critical Control Point).
  10. We strictly adopt all precautionary measures for the operation of restaurants, bars and stores on board our vessels, in accordance with the latest instructions/provisions of the Greek Government.
  11. Self-service restaurants, bars, lounges and commercial stores will operate strictly by following precautionary actions and guidelines in regards to hygiene and prohibitive measures of physical distancing.
  12. Crewmembers and personnel on board have to wear masks and constantly clean and disinfect surfaces of common use. All meal service utensils, cutlery and glassware undergo separate sanitize process; they are washed at high temperatures that kill pathogenic bacteria, disinfected and cutlery is placed on separate kits of one use.
  13. We constantly inform our officers and crewmembers so that they can be fully compliant with the latest precautionary measures (applied for the health, hygiene and safety of themselves but also our passengers) and to be able to manage emergencies in case someone develops symptoms that can be attributed to COVID-19 coronavirus infection
  14. Passengers are regularly been informed with TV spots, digital and printed brochures and announcements on board during voyage.
  15. Hand Sanitizers are available at the common airs and toilets for passengers’ use.

You may download the respective informative flyer of the Hellenic Public Health Organization for further information on precautionary measures and updates on staying safe and healthy. Passengers shall not travel if they have symptoms of COVID-19 infection (cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and other respiratory symptoms) or have had contact with a COVID-19 patient within 14 days prior to the trip.