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Short Presentation of Athens Medical Group

Athens Medical Group was established in 1984 with a goal to provide high quality, integrated healthcare services. From the first years of its operation, it became a “catalyst” of progress in Healthcare. It introduced, for the first time in Greece, state-of-the-art medical equipment and secured collaboration with top scientists in their fields, providing services equal to those of internationally acclaimed hospitals.

Through continuous investments, both in Greece and abroad, Athens Medical Group is among the most dynamic Healthcare organizations and the most reliable providers of diagnostic and hospitalization services worldwide.

In Greece, Athens Medical Group runs 8 ultramodern hospital units with a total number of 1,200 hospital beds, 2,800 highly qualified associate physicians, and 3,000 highly specialized full-time employees.

Seven of its hospitals are located in the greater Athens metropolitan area: Athens Medical Center, Paediatrics Center of Athens, GAIA Maternity Clinic, Psychiko Clinic, Paleo Faliro Clinic, Peristeri Clinic and Dafne Clinic. The European Interbalkan Medical Center (General Hospital, Maternity & Obstetrics Clinic and Peadiatrics Center) is located in the Northern part of Greece, in Thessaloniki, and is considered, according to Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, Medical School, UK., “the most modern and comprehensive medical center in Europe”.

Athens Medical Group hospitals operate under the rigorous Quality Assurance Systems ISO 9001:2015 for their services, ISO 22000:2005 for their catering services and ISO 14001:2004 for their environmental management. Moreover, their quality has been acclaimed through numerous qualifications, certifications, accreditations and awards, indicatively: “Quality in International Patient Care”, TEMOS, “Excellence in Medical Tourism”, TEMOS, “Best Hospitals Worldwide 2014, 2015” and “Preferred Partner Hospital 2016, 2017”.

Additionally, the Group has an extensive nationwide network of 390 diagnostic centers, 8 hemodialysis units and a growing network of official associates throughout Greece.

Loyal to its founder’s vision to reverse the outflow of Greek patients abroad during the ‘80s, the Group went “one step ahead” by operating a private hospital ward inside the largest state hospital in Moscow and an EMS with privately-owned ambulances, for the first time in in the former Soviet Union’s history, within the biggest state Hospital in Moscow. Later on, it established very modern and specialized diagnostic centers in Romania (three in Bucharest and one in Ploesti), while it contributes to the Greek economy by attracting international patients through coordinated efforts in Medical Tourism.

Last but not least, it has stable partnerships in North Africa, the Balkans, the broader SE Mediterranean area and former Soviet Union (FSU) countries.