The On-Waves offers you the possibility to use mobile services at sea for all international routes of Minoan Lines. This innovative roaming service is accessible for all mobile users, allowing you to use your mobile phone for calls and SMS messages during your trip.

If you do not wish to use this service, you can simply turn off your mobile phone or select another provider (supplier - network connection) from your GSM phone. 

For information about the final cost and the taxes for roaming service, please contact your provider. 

For any inquiry concerning the roaming service contact On-Waves at:




•   The roaming service will by directly charged by your provider. 

•   The minimum charge of the roaming service is 2.8 €/minute for all sent and received voice calls and 0.7(outgoing and incoming) and 0.7 € for outgoing SMS messages. 

•   The roaming service is provided by the SIMMIN (Island Telecom)