MINOAN LINES announces the newly submitted application request to the Council of Coastal Lines, which will be held at Naxos Island on May 17, 2013, for the deployment of its modern state of the art Greek vessel H/S/F IKARUS PALACE on the route Piraeus – Chania – Piraeus with daily itineraries.

The management of the company considers that it is its obligation to inform all passengers with the following:

The aforementioned vessel is one of the most ultra-modern vessels in her category, combining high-speed, comfort and luxury onboard. Featuring a modern design concept in her interiors, it is equipped with ultra-modern common areas (restaurants, shopping center, panoramic disco, lounges), spacious cabins offering unsurpassed levels of quality of services on board for all passengers as well as high capacities of passenger and freight transportation, contributing to the further upgrading and improvement to the sea transportation from and to the island of Crete.

With this new business movement initiative, MINOAN LINES aims to:

1.    The creation, amid recession, of additional job positions, taking into consideration that the under Greek flag vessel H/S/F IKARUS PALACE will be manned by Greek seamen, while the launching of this new line will offer opportunities for further jobs both at the town and the port of Chania.

2.    The increase of tourism traffic volumes to Chania via an international transport network, which only MINOAN LINES offers in Greece, as a member of one of the largest Sea Transport Groups in Europe.

3.    The provision of alternatives for the transportation of the local and delicate agricultural products of the prefecture of Chania and of the neighboring prefecture of Rethimnon.

4.    The coverage, especially during high season and extraordinary demanding periods, of transportation needs of passengers and vehicles, which could not be served by the currently deployed vessels on the route.

5.    The observance of the free competition principles, as defined by the European Union, for the restoration of the competitive market conditions with the aim of achieving economic growth and enhancing social prosperity and welfare.  

Therefore, the management of MINOAN LINES trusts that the submitted application request for the deployment of its ultra-modern, state of the art vessel H/S/F IKARUS PALACE on the said route as of July 1st 2013, will receive positive acceptance by the Minister of Shipping and the Aegean Sea due to the upgrading of provided services to the passengers and the commercial industry as well as further strengthening of the healthy competition.

From the Press Office of MINOAN LINES
Heraklion, May 14, 2013