Patras is the third largest in size city of Greece, the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia, and the largest urban center and port of the Peloponnese. Many call it the Gate of Greece to the West because it is an international shopping center, a large port and hub for trade and communication with Italy and Western Europe.

During the four millennia of history and especially the Roman period, Patras was a cosmopolitan center of the Mediterranean. One of the most important relics from that era, used until today, is the Roman Odeon.

Also, according to the Christian tradition it is said that Patras was the site of the martyrdom of St. Andrew, patron saint of the region today.

Apart from its past, Patras can enchant the visitor with its liveliness and the pulse of the city. The busy port, the youth and the correct layout with main roads, walkways and large squares are ideal for walking or enjoying coffee and food. Looking a little further up on the hill, one can enjoy the magnificent views of the port, especially at night, that the lights of the ships create an enchanting atmosphere. 

Patras is also famous for its carnival when the entire city is preparing feverishly for months, as if it where a well-rehearsed play, with children and adults in the most impossible roles, wearing the most inspired costumes.