Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations of the Mediterranean Sea. Known for its cosmopolitan aura, it is the ideal choice for any type of visitor, offering him everything, from relaxed, family holidays to endless fun!

It is a destination that is rich in history. The prehistorical settlement of Ftelia proves that the island was already inhabited during the 5th millenium BC, while a visit to historical Delos and Rineia will transport you to a different era.

Aside from its rich heritage, Mykonos is also renowned for its unrivalled beauty. Arriving at the old port, the Chora, one can distinguish the traditional Cycladic architecture, with its sparkling whitewashed houses, the alleys, the windmills and the red domes of the churches that compose a unique landscape.

The walk begins at Gialos (the seafront) towards Mando Mavrogenous square, where her statue is found and continues with the colourful fishing boats at the background, among which strolls Petros, the famous pelican of Mykonos. Don’t hesitate to walk through the town’s alleys and on Matogianni street, full of branded shops, bars and restaurants.

The beaches of Mykonos also constitute a pole of attraction for millions of tourists every year. Panormos, Psarrou, Kalo Livadi, Super Paradise, Paraga, Platys Gialos and Kalafatis are among the most famous of the island, for their blue waters and sandy beaches, as well as for the amenities provided. The beaches of Fokos and Agios Sostis are ideal, if you prefer to enjoy your swim and nature away from the intense rhythms of the island, as these beaches are not organised. It is no coincidence that they are preferred by locals.

After the dive you can enjoy your meal, your coffee or your stroll in Ano Mera and Ornos and of course in Chora. Don’t miss the chance to taste traditional delicacies like “kopanisti Mykonou” (a salty, spicy soft cheese), “xinotyro” (a type of hard cheese), “louza” (cured pork tenderloin) and “amygdalota” (traditional almond sweets).

The wide variety of choices that the «island of the winds» has to offer, combined with the unique landscapes make Mykonos a destination that every one wants to visit again and again!