Ancona is perhaps the most famous port of Italy and a charming town with hills and a unique collection of beautiful buildings that “come alive” before the eyes of thousands of visitors, as the ship approaches the dock.

This special town is only 380 miles away from Corfu and according to Strabo and Pliny it was built in 394 BC by the Syracusans. The original name was "Dorian elbow" (ancon=elbow in Greek) and in ancient times it was famous for its wines and purple dye. Ancona also flourished greatly during the Roman era, when it was the naval base of the Romans.

The glamor of Ancona is reflected even today in the city center with its elegant architecture and beautiful squares. The medieval cathedral of San Ciriaco, the preserved Teatro delle Muse of the 19th century, the gallery of Palazzo Bosdari and the Archaeological museum are just some of them.

Ancona is also famous for its malls with the very good prices for products, branded and not, the picturesque fish taverns and the beautiful cafés. Visit them the next time you find yourself in Ancona and you will remember us!