Adriatic lines itineraries / Rebooking policy

Following the latest government order to help counter the outbreak of COVID-19 coronavirus, a new order has been announced about the transportation of passengers and vehicles from/to Italy. Specifically, the embarkation of passengers and vehicles from/to Italy is strictly forbidden (except trucks and cargo). The prohibition is effective from 15/03/2020 at 15:00 till 30/06/2020.

Beginning July 1, 2020, the Greek government has determined how the country will welcome travellers, carry out the necessary diagnostic screening and keep everyone safe throughout the season.

The Passenger Locator Form (PLF) is a key element in the planning. All travellers are obliged to complete their PLF at least 24 hours before entering the country, providing detailed information on their point of departure, the duration of previous stays in other countries, and the address of your stay while in Greece. START HERE


Coronavirus. Entry into Italy from Greece. New precautionary measures by the Italian Ministry of Health. Information here (In addition to the decree, we would like to point out that transit passengers who enter Italy and have as final destinations other countries, except Italy, are excluded from  the obligation to be submitted to the Covid-19 test.)



The government announced

1. The temporary prohibition of entry into the Country of all third-country nationals from any point of entry into the Country and in any way or by any means, including air, sea, rail and road connections, for precautionary reasons of protection of public health from of the coronavirus COVID-19 in the Greek territory.

2. The prohibition in paragraph 1 hereof shall not apply to nationals of Member States of the European Union (EU) and of the Schengen Agreement, including their spouses or persons with whom GOVERNMENT GAZETTE 34116 Issue B '3363 / 11.08.2020 they have concluded a cohabitation agreement, as well as their minor children.

3. Permanent residents of the following countries are excluded from this application: Australia, Georgia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay and the United Arab Emirates who enter the country by any means or by any means applied in accordance with the joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Development and Investment, Citizen Protection, Labor and Social Affairs, Health, Interior, Infrastructure and Transport and Shipping, under items D1a / GP.oik.40383 / 28.6.2020 Island Policy (Β '2602), as amended by the following elements Δ1α / Γ.Π.οικ.44071 / 11.7.2020 (Β' 2796) and Δ1α / Γ.Π.οικ.44823 / 14.7.2020 (Β '2866 ) similar joint decisions of the same Ministers, regarding the sampling laboratory test and the temporary restriction of those entering from abroad. In order to prove their place of residence, third-country nationals may present their residence permit, work permit, identity card, provided they indicate their place of residence, driving license or other documents. More specific rules provided for the imposition of preventive controls at the points of entry in the country through air connections in the joint decision of the Ministers of Health and Infrastructure and Transport under items D1a / GP.oik.50682 / 10.8.2020 (B '3362) affected by the application of this.

4. The prohibition of par. 1 does not cover: a) medical and nursing staff, researchers and professionals in the field of health, if they demonstrate at the points of entry in the Country the license to practice a profession or other suitable evidence that proves their professional status and under the provided that their entry into the Country continues with the exercise of their professional duties; (d) members of government missions, (d) members of diplomatic or consular authorities and missions, members of international and European organizations, members of humanitarian organizations in the performance of their duties, military and security officials and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, (e) staff in the field of transport, including seafarers, aircraft crews , crews and technical personnel of hired aircraft firefighting equipment, as well as drivers of lorries passing by for the carriage of goods and the absolutely necessary auxiliary staff for their carriage, f) transit passengers, g) students , h) persons caring for the elderly and disabled (disabled), and i) seasonal workers in the agricultural sector.

5. The persons subject to par. 4 prove their capacity with the appropriate documents and undergo a laboratory medical examination, applied according to the joint decision of the Ministers of Finance, Development under items D1a / G.P.oik.40383 / 28.6.2020 and Investment, Citizen Protection, Labor and Social Affairs, Health, Home Affairs, Infrastructure and Transport and Shipping and Island Policy (Β '2602), as amended by items D1a / G.P.oik.44071 / 11.7.2020 (Β '2796) and Δ1α / Γ.Π.οικ.44823 / 14.7.2020 (Β' 2866) joint decisions of the same Ministers.

6. Nationals of third countries subject to the prohibition hereof have the right to submit a request to the Greek consular authority of their place of residence or stay for their exceptional entry into the Country for professional or personal reasons.

7. This decision is valid for the period from 15.8.2020 until 31.8.2020. This decision to be published in the Government Gazette.



For Adriatic Lines, we are giving you the flexibility to reschedule your trip and make your tickets open with no change fees.

Tickets for the Adriatic Lines (Ancona / Venice) for departures till 30/6/2020 can be converted to open date tickets with a validity of one year from the date of travel. For any bookings made including the Early Booking Offer, passengers retain the offer (20% discount) when they declare new travel dates without being asked to pay a fare difference (unless they wish to upgrade or the new travel dates fall into a different travel season compared to their prior booking and ticket prices vary (eg. from low to mid, from mid to high season).

For further information or any clarifications, we kindly advise passengers to contact Minoan Lines’ agencies and port offices, their travel agents or the points of sale where their tickets were issued (online sales pages).

Furthermore, our cargo associates for Adriatic Lines are kindly informed with the following:

  • Regarding the distribution of cargo drivers in cabins, we have taken precautionary measures to accommodate only one driver per cabin per journey on the Adriatic routes, following the implementation of the above Government Directive. Given the current ban on passenger traffic, it is foreseen that the above precautionary measures will be adequately implemented.
  • All cargo drivers should fill in the relevant form, with which they certify that they meet the conditions necessary to enable them to embark the vessel.
  • If a driver has symptoms attributable to virus infection, he must not travel. If a case of COVID-19 is observed on a driver during the voyage, detailed instructions have been given to our crew members on how to prevent risks and manage any person with flu-like symptoms and/or symptoms attributable to the infection.
  • Drivers are kindly requested to avoid cash and card payments (except "contactless" cards) if possible and to avoid contact when handing over travel documents to the check-in staff.

In force from the day the trips are allowed again until 15/07/2020


In order to ensure the utmost in health safety standards and guarantee the serenity of a safe journey to all passengers, the Company:

-              will provide a complementary kit of personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks, for all passengers at the time of boarding that shall be used during their stay on board;

-              will take temperature readings before passengers board. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 ° C will not be allowed to board;

-              will arrange for all passengers to provide a self-certification form upon boarding declaring that they do not have any symptoms similar to those caused by the coronavirus and that they have not been in contact with people who have tested positive or are presumed to be so;

-              will ensure that the ship’s doctor will be present, regardless of the number of passengers on board;

-              has provided for the exclusive use of cabins (same family unit only);

-              has introduced specific protocols for the careful sanitisation of cabins and on-board areas;

-              has introduced specific health monitoring protocols for shipboard personnel;

-              has provided the crews with tools and training aimed at limiting the risk of contagion;

-              has paid particular attention to training its crews to ensure assistance to passengers and for compliance with prevention, containment and emergency management measures.


In order to avoid people gathering in crowds and in compliance with safe social distancing, passengers must check in on time to ensure that all control and boarding activities can be completed. Passengers must check in wearing masks (including children 6 years old and up).

The Company has prepared a complementary kit (masks, gloves) for all passengers who do not have their own.

Those travelling with their car may preferably check-in while remaining in their vehicle and will receive from the control officer (checking documents and tickets) a sticker with the cabin number to bring with them and another to stick on the car; at the ramp, the driver parks the car in the garage.

Passengers will only need to go to the ticket office if they have to make changes or additions to the ticket.

The staff in charge of fast check-in will wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks, limiting contact with the documents to be checked as much as possible.

All passengers must arrive for boarding with a completed self-certification form provided by the Company. Before boarding all passengers will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 ° C, will not be allowed to board.


In order to speed up boarding – carried out strictly in compliance with safe social distancing and wearing masks – all the information that can be sent by the Company to the passenger and vice versa before departure is exchanged electronically at the time of booking. Cabins are assigned in advance.

Passengers are frequently reminded to comply with behaviour and social distancing rules through the use of public announcements, informative flyers, posted in the public areas of the ship, and through a memo in the cabin.

In corridors, at reception and in all common areas, including lifts, it is always mandatory to respect safe social distancing of at least one meter between passengers. To facilitate compliance with this rule, barriers (Tendiflex) and signs will be used. All reception staff on board will wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. Disinfectant gel dispensers have been positioned at various points on the ship.


All areas of the ship, public or for private use, will be subject to regular sanitisation specifically to contrast bacterial and viral agents. All activities will be carried out by operators equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks.


Access to and the use of tables in restaurants and bars is limited to avoid gatherings and allowing safe social distancing of at least one meter between each customer, except in cases of families or relatives. The crew on board will ensure people do not gather in groups.

The opening hours of the catering services will be adequate to the number of passengers and to ensure compliance with the criteria of social distancing.

Room Service has been enhanced and the offer extended to include all the ship's food services, including those on the external decks, to facilitate the purchase and consumption of meals.

The kitchen and service staff at the self service areas and those serving at the tables wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks and regularly sanitise the surfaces.

For the purchase of extra services on board, the use of contactless credit cards is encouraged to minimize contacts and the circulation of money.


Pax-out and disembarkation are organised in such a way as to avoid people gathering in crowds and in compliance with safe social distancing. On-board staff will be present to assist with operations to regulate the flow of people.


The Company has introduced health protocols to monitor crew health on board, in order to minimise any health risks to passengers and staff. Our crew will comply with safe social distancing, the obligation to wear disposable masks and gloves, use disinfectant gels, and with follow scrupulous cleaning and personal hygiene protocols.