Instructions on International Lines

The following  measures are provided from the Greek Government  against the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19, which  allows the entry to Greece for those passengers who have completed the following form at least 24 hours before visiting Greece. For more information is mandatory to visit the following link



According  to the attached GAZZ. UFF. Of Greek Government (F.E.K. 5475_B_25-11-2021​)  please be informed that the period of the application of the  measures, descripted bellow,  are extended  - from 26.11.2021 up to 03.12.2021 and 06:00 am.


B) Conditions to entry in Greece

1.  All travelers to Greece is mandatory to fill out the electronic form PLF (Passenger Locator Form) at  , with their contact details in Greece before their arrival in the country. Proof of completion electronic PLF form, sent automatically by email to the passenger from the system, is considered the necessary travel document. The valid form PLF, with QR code, is considered necessary for entry at every entrance gate of the country.

2. Is mandatory for all travelers to Greece, from the age of  12 and over.

a) have completed at least fourteen (14) days before the departure  vaccination COVID-19 and  present the vaccination certificate in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian language, issued by the public authority and in accordance with the relevant legislation. The certificate Vaccination policy includes  the name of the person –which has to be written as indicated on the passport, the type of vaccine administered, the number of installments and their date or

(b) have been negatively diagnosed either in a laboratory or PCR for COVID-19 coronavirus, performed by taking an oral pharynx or nasopharyngeal smear or after control using rapid coronavirus antigen detection COVID-19 (rapid test)
ba) within the last seven two (72) hours before their arrival at Greece for laboratory testing by PCR and within forty eight (48) hours prior to their arrival in Greece for rapid test control,
bb) from reference laboratories of the country of origin or transit public or private laboratories in that country, provided that these private laboratories are certified by the competent national certification authority of the country and
bc) have a certificate of the above diagnosis, in Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian language, which includes the name name of the person as indicated in passport.

c) Alternatively, travelers to Greece carry disease certificate after laboratory testing by PCR or by control using rapid coronavirus antigen detection COVID-19 (rapid test). The disease certificate is issued thirty (30) days after the first positive test and the validity of the there up to one hundred and eighty (180) days after that. The first positive test is performed by:

a) publicly authority in accordance with the relevant legislation or
b) laboratories reference country of origin or transit or public private laboratories in that country, provided that
These private laboratories have been certified by competent national certification authority of the country. The certificate disease has been written in Greek, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish or Russian and includes the name of the person, as stated on the passport.

Note!! Especially for the permanent residents of the Russian Federation, may  enter to  the Country under the following conditions:

a) to have been diagnosed negative in a laboratory test by PCR for coronavirus COVID-19 or in a test using rapid coronavirus antigen detection COVID-19 (rapid test), as shown by the provisions of paragraph (b) of the first subparagraph, and
b) be diagnosed negative in compulsory labor; test by PCR or test using rapid detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) at the points of entry in the country, proportionally to the control scales, the stay in the control gate area until issue of the result of the audit and the mandatory temporary restriction in the event of a positive of the audit of paragraphs 5, 6 and 7.

All travelers to Greece, regardless nationality and method of entry into the country coming from the countries of European Union (EU) of Schengen Agreement, San Marino, Azerbaijan, Albania, Andorra, Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Vatican, Northern Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, United Arab Emirates, United States America, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Jordan, Israel, Canada, Qatar, China, ‘Chinese Taipei, Kosovo, Kuwait, Belarus, Lebanon, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Bahrain, Brunei, New Zealand, South Korea, Kuwait, Belarus, Lebanon, Montenegro, Moldova, Monaco, Bahrain, Brunei, New Zealand, South Korea, Ukraine, Uruguay, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Singapore, Sultanate of Oman, Turkey and Chile for their entry is  provided to  be diagnosed negative in compulsory labor; test by PCR or test using rapid detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) at the points of entry in the country.

3)  Important note: Shipping companies are required to check, before boarding, if  passengers carry  with them the necessary documents in digital or printed form above described in paragraphs 1 and 2 and.  In opposite case boarding is not allowed.

4) The necessary entry documents  of par. 1 and 2, are displayed by travelers at Hellenic Authorities

5. At the entry ports all travelers to Greece are subject to sampling laboratory medical examination or examination rapid detection of COVID-19 coronavirus antigen (rapid test) on the basis of a health algorithm and during their stay in country,

6. The persons subject to the sampler control of par. 5 remain in the area of the entrance gate until the result of the audit is issued.

7. In cases of par. 5  that a  traveler has been diagnosed positive to Covid -19, is mandatory to remain, at home or in a suitable temporary place residence designated by the competent authorities, for ten (10) days in cases of their detection as positive for COVID-19.

Persons who have completed vaccination fourteen (14) days in advance and have been diagnosed positives, are placed in a temporary restriction for seven (7) days. In these cases  parsons are subject to mandatory laboratory test by PCR method the latest day of their temporary restriction.

8) The persons of par. 5 who are escorts of established cases of COVID-19 coronavirus (narrow contacts) have the possibility of returning to the country on the same or the next day, under the following


a) Two negatives have been diagnosed (2)times within twenty-four (24) hours or in a laboratory PCR for COVID-19 coronavirus, performed by taking an oral pharynx or nasopharyngeal smear or after control using rapid coronavirus antigen detectionCOVID-19 (rapid test) and

b) to wear a N95 type mask during their journey.

Otherwise,  when  the escorts of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (close contacts):

  • have not been vaccinated or have not become ill in the last six months, can stay in Greece and will be submitted to a temporary restriction or for fourteen (14) days from their last contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 coronavirus without laboratory test OR  for seven (7) days from their last contact with a confirmed casecoronavirus COVID-19 and are subject to laboratory PCR test on the last day of the their limitation.
  •   have been vaccinated or have become ill  the last semester could  remain in Greece and they are not subject to temporary restriction, but must be checked  by PCR for COVID-19 coronavirus


Especially, truck drivers independently nationals performing freight transport on the Italy-Greece routes (to the ports of Patras Igoumenitsa and Corfu) must be negative self-diagnosis result self-test ( click here for the attached file) before boarding on board at the port of departure. During the Arrival at the Greek port of destination, the drivers are obliged to demonstrate to the competent Greek authorities the above declaration of result cognitive disease control (self-test) and subject in a mandatory rapid antigen detection test coronavirus COVID-19 (rapid test). Shipping companies- are required to check the traveler before boarding to confirm that the result of self-diagnosis of disease (self-test) and in case of breach of the obligation are obliged to return the driver and removal of the lorry from the port at their own risk and expense


Voyages from Greece to Italy


From 26-11-2021 up to 03-12-2021, according to the  Italian legislation, travel to / from the countries of list C (Greece is included in the above Annex C from 10 December 2020)  is allowed  but subject to any limitations provided for in Italy on a regional basis. It is always possible that these countries have entry restrictions. It is recommended to always consult the data sheet of the country of interest on ViaggiareSicuri, to check for any restrictions on entry by the local authorities.

1)According to the Ordinance of May 14, 2021 of the Minister of Health, for entry into Italy, in case of stay or transit from the countries of list C in the previous 14 days, the completion of an online location form also digital Passenger Locator Forms (dPLF) in the following ways:

a. Link to the site

b. Follow the guide to access the PLF

c. Selects "Italy" as the destination country

d. Sign up for the site by creating a personal account with a username and password (you only need to do this for the first time)

e. Completes and submits the PLF following the guided procedure.

2) According to the Ordinance of June 18, 2021, from June 21 it is also mandatory to present the Covid-19 Green Certification issued or recognized pursuant to Article 9, paragraph 2, lett. c), of the law decree 22 April 2021, n. 52, which proves, alternatively:

-              anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination occurred, with certification of completion of the prescribed vaccination cycle at least fourteen (14) days before the entry into the Italian territory;

-              healing from COVID-19, with simultaneous cessation of the isolation prescribed following infection with SARS-CoV-2;

-              carrying out, in the forty-eight (72) hours prior to entry into the national territory, of a rapid or molecular antigen test with negative results for the SARS-CoV-2 virus or the antigen test 48 hours before arrival in Italy.

3) Children under six (6) years of age are exempted from carrying out the molecular or antigenic test, but not from the obligation of isolation, where is  applicable.

Children under eighteen (18) years are exempted from the obligation of isolation (where provided) only if they are accompanied by an adult (parent or other companion) in possession of Covid Green Certification.

4) In the event that it is not possible to present the Covid-19 Green Certification, it is still possible to enter Italy, provided that:

Undergo fiduciary isolation and health surveillance for a period of ten (10) days, at the home or residence, informing the Prevention Department of the competent local Health Authority;

Carry out a molecular or antigen test at the end of the fiduciary isolation.

5. Pursuant to Article 2 (3) of the above Decree, and subject to the absence of COVID-19 symptoms, some exceptions to the above obligations are provided for the categories of passengers contained in Article 51 (7) (a), (b) , c), f), g), l), m), n), o) of the CPC of 2 March 2021:

a) means of transport crews;

b) employees of transport companies;

c) travel to and from countries and regions listed in list A of Appendix 20

e) entering Italy for a period of up to one hundred and twenty hours for proven reasons of work, health or urgency; in accordance with paragraphs 1 to 5.

f) TRANSIT travelers, by their own means, of Italian territory for a period not exceeding thirty-six hours, and an obligation - upon completion of the above period - to leave the country or if this is not possible, subject to precautionary monitoring and self-restraint in accordance with paragraphs 1 to 5;

g) cross-border workers entering and leaving Italian territory for proven work purposes and returning to their home, place of residence or temporary m) staff of companies and companies with a legal or subsidiary residence in Italy and for travel abroad for a proven need and for a period not exceeding one hundred and twenty hours;

h) accredited officials or officials of the European Union or of international organizations diplomatic, administrative and technical staff of diplomatic missions, officials and Consulate staff, military personnel, including those returning from international missions, Security personnel, Information Systems personnel for the security of the Republic and Firefighters in the performance of their duties; attending a study program in a country other than their country of residence, domicile or stay, and to which they return on a daily or weekly basis.

ATTENTION: further restrictions on travel within Italian territory are foreseen (restrictions between Municipalities and Prefectures). Restrictions on travel between Prefectures and Municipalities can also be set in relation to the danger zone that characterizes each Prefecture individually and are determined by the competent Local Authorities. For information about the situation in Italy you can consult the following link Special restrictions may also be imposed or special obligations imposed on citizens from certain countries or regions abroad. Before entering Italy, it is recommended that the interested party be informed about additional restrictions concerning his Prefecture of destination (list of Prefectures' websites).

For more information, consult the relevant post on the website


In force from the day the trips are allowed again until 03/12/2021


In order to ensure the utmost in health safety standards and guarantee the serenity of a safe journey to all passengers, the Company:

-              will provide a complementary kit of personal protective equipment, including gloves and masks, for all passengers at the time of boarding that shall be used during their stay on board;

-              will take temperature readings before passengers board. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 ° C will not be allowed to board;

-              will arrange for all passengers to provide a self-certification form upon boarding declaring that they do not have any symptoms similar to those caused by the coronavirus and that they have not been in contact with people who have tested positive or are presumed to be so;

-              will ensure that the ship’s doctor will be present, regardless of the number of passengers on board;

-              has provided for the exclusive use of cabins (same family unit only);

-              has introduced specific protocols for the careful sanitisation of cabins and on-board areas;

-              has introduced specific health monitoring protocols for shipboard personnel;

-              has provided the crews with tools and training aimed at limiting the risk of contagion;

-              has paid particular attention to training its crews to ensure assistance to passengers and for compliance with prevention, containment and emergency management measures.


In order to avoid people gathering in crowds and in compliance with safe social distancing, passengers must check in on time to ensure that all control and boarding activities can be completed. Passengers must check in wearing masks (including children 6 years old and up).

The Company has prepared a complementary kit (masks, gloves) for all passengers who do not have their own.

Those travelling with their car may preferably check-in while remaining in their vehicle and will receive from the control officer (checking documents and tickets) a sticker with the cabin number to bring with them and another to stick on the car; at the ramp, the driver parks the car in the garage.

Passengers will only need to go to the ticket office if they have to make changes or additions to the ticket.

The staff in charge of fast check-in will wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks, limiting contact with the documents to be checked as much as possible.

All passengers must arrive for boarding with a completed self-certification form provided by the Company. Before boarding all passengers will have their temperature taken. Anyone with a temperature over 37.5 ° C, will not be allowed to board.


In order to speed up boarding – carried out strictly in compliance with safe social distancing and wearing masks – all the information that can be sent by the Company to the passenger and vice versa before departure is exchanged electronically at the time of booking. Cabins are assigned in advance.

Passengers are frequently reminded to comply with behaviour and social distancing rules through the use of public announcements, informative flyers, posted in the public areas of the ship, and through a memo in the cabin.

In corridors, at reception and in all common areas, including lifts, it is always mandatory to respect safe social distancing of at least one meter between passengers. To facilitate compliance with this rule, barriers (Tendiflex) and signs will be used. All reception staff on board will wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks. Disinfectant gel dispensers have been positioned at various points on the ship.


All areas of the ship, public or for private use, will be subject to regular sanitisation specifically to contrast bacterial and viral agents. All activities will be carried out by operators equipped with appropriate personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks.


Access to and the use of tables in restaurants and bars is limited to avoid gatherings and allowing safe social distancing of at least one meter between each customer, except in cases of families or relatives. The crew on board will ensure people do not gather in groups.

The opening hours of the catering services will be adequate to the number of passengers and to ensure compliance with the criteria of social distancing.

Room Service has been enhanced and the offer extended to include all the ship's food services, including those on the external decks, to facilitate the purchase and consumption of meals.

The kitchen and service staff at the self service areas and those serving at the tables wear personal protective equipment such as gloves and masks and regularly sanitise the surfaces.

For the purchase of extra services on board, the use of contactless credit cards is encouraged to minimize contacts and the circulation of money.


Pax-out and disembarkation are organised in such a way as to avoid people gathering in crowds and in compliance with safe social distancing. On-board staff will be present to assist with operations to regulate the flow of people.


The Company has introduced health protocols to monitor crew health on board, in order to minimise any health risks to passengers and staff. Our crew will comply with safe social distancing, the obligation to wear disposable masks and gloves, use disinfectant gels, and with follow scrupulous cleaning and personal hygiene protocols.