Hygiene and prevention measures at our offices and central agencies

  • We adopted remote work for the majority of our executives as well as telecommuting and videoconferencing during lockdown. From 1/6, all employees are back to their physical workplace. On-site protection and social distancing measures are implemented for the wellness and safety of our employees and associates.
  • During their stay at the office, it is required for all our employees to wear mask and gloves and keep physical distancing measures.
  • Masks and gloves have been distributed to our employees. Hand sanitizers and gloves are also available on common areas and toilets of our offices.
  • We temporarily suspended the operation of our central agencies and retained the operation of our port offices to provide our services to our passengers and associates. From 1/6, our central agencies (except Heraklion central agency) will be open.
  • We intensified the precautionary measures of safety and hygiene at our ticket and port offices. Sanitizing dispensers are available while our personnel wears gloves and masks for all transactions with our passengers or associates.
  • We have placed plexiglass separators and special marking at least 1.5 meter away from the point of sale (agency counter) at all ticket offices, to strictly observe the physical safety distance between agency employees and/or the passenger public/transportation partners, during waiting service period. In addition, we posted informative material for every trading passenger or business partner to follow the protection and safety measures while waiting at the agency.
  • We keep our company’s executives up to date on preventive and protective measures, following the guidelines of the Hellenic National Public Health Organization.
  • We are in constant communication with the official authorities to make sure we are always aligned with the latest official safety guidelines in order to inform our personnel accordingly.