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What provisions have been made for persons with disabilities?

All Minoan Lines vessels feature especially designed cabins, lifts, ramps and electric wheelchair lifts mounted on escalators. All public areas are designed in a way to provide unhindered access to persons with disabilities. Furthermore, the vessel crew is ready to assist you at all times.

Terms and Conditions

First Aid

Minoan Lines vessels have a fully stocked pharmacy in accordance with the regulations of the international SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) legislation and the latest I.M.O. (International Maritime Organization) regulations.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Guidelines for the transportation of pets


1) Pets must be vaccinated and accompanied by their newly updated health card / passport, which must be presented to the crew prior to boarding.

2) Pets not travelling in a pet carrier should be on a leash/chain and wear a muzzle. They can only stay within the specially designed passenger cabins (pet cabins) or in the specially designed areas (cages-pet kennels) on the deck of the ship. They are not allowed to remain in any indoor public areas, nor within or near health regulated facilities (bars, restaurants etc.). Only their passing through corridors or stairs while being transported to and from the aforementioned specially designed spaces is allowed.

3) Small pets (<10kg), while inside a pet carrier, can remain in the specially designed passenger cabins (pet cabins) or in specially designed areas (cages) on the deck of the ship (pet kennels). They are also allowed to stay in public spaces (e.g. outdoor areas, air seat rooms, lounges) unless they create a nuisance. They are not allowed to stay within or near any health regulated facilities (bars, restaurants etc.).

4) Assistance dogs (e.g. guide dogs for the blind), provided they are wearing a leash/harness, can travel with no need for a pet carrier or muzzle, regardless of their size. Assistance dogs can also accompany their owners to the accommodation areas if they have the relevant certificates.

5) Pet owners will be responsible for their pets’ food and hygiene, as well as for any personal injury or material damage that they may cause.

How can I spend my time during the trip in the best possible way?

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Is there room service on the vessels?

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