General Information

Can children travel alone on Minoan Lines vessels?


Is there a discount for people over 60 years old?
Is there a limit on the number and weight of luggage that I may carry with me?

There is no limit for international routes. For domestic routes, the passenger is entitled to carry two luggages, which they can stow at the accompanied luggage container, and one hand-luggage.

For additional pieces of luggage, a bill of lading must be issued at the Piraeus and Heraklion port agencies or when stowed at the luggage container.

Can children travel at a lower cost?

Children up to 4 years old (click here)

Children from 4-16 years old (click here)


Can I change class while on board?

You may change class if, upon boarding, you indicate your desire at the reception and register your name on the waiting list.

If, after the vessel departs and check-in has been finalized, there are still available tickets at the desired class, an announcement will be made.

Is there a discount for students or young people?

For domestic routes, click here

For international routes, click here

Do I need a passport to travel abroad?

Passengers who are European Union citizens are not required to present a valid passport for Adriatic routes (Greece - Italy). However, please carry at all times with you an identification document. Passengers from other countries are required to carry a valid passport. For more information, please contact the embassy of the country of your destination.

How can I learn about job opportunities at Minoan Lines?

You may call the HR Department on +30 2810 399960 for the city of Heraklion and on +30 210 4082440 for the city of Piraeus or send an e-mail to

Where are the ticket sale points of Minoan Lines?

Click Here

Is smoking allowed on board?

Click HereSmoking is only permitted on the deck bars. For the safety of both passengers and vessel, please do not throw out lit cigarettes on the vessel or overboard.

Lost & Found - Adriatic Lines

In the event that the Passenger realizing to have lost his personal effects while still on board the ship, the Passenger can contact  directly the Reception to report the loss.

The staff in charge will undertake all the appropriate investigations in order to find the objects and return them to the Passenger.

If otherwise, the Passenger realizes he has forgotten a personal item on board the ship when already disembarked from the ship, the Passenger can file a report to the Company’s office by sending an email to

The report in question must contain all the details of the trip, such as date, departure time, route taken, ticket number and any number of cabin or seat used, and also provide a short description as detailed as possible of the item reported as lost ( attaching any photographic reproductions where possessed).

The Department in charge will carry out all the necessary checks and provide feedback to the Passenger as quickly as possible.

The report of the loss must be sent within one week from the date of disembarkation of the Passenger.

In no case, the Carrier can be held responsible for the loss nor will it be required to pay any compensation in case of failure to find it.

Likewise, the Carrier cannot be held responsible in any way for theft, loss, loss or damage of any type of object, not even those of significant value such as jewelry, documents, manuscripts, musical instruments, paintings and money.

Items found on board that are not to be claimed will be kept on board for a limited period and in any case not exceeding two months.

After this period, the lost items will be transferred to the Company’s Headquarters at the office in charge that will keep them for an additional period of six months, after which they will be disposed of.