Tickets / Payments

Important Notice

For discounted fares / special conditions of issue apply before the following comments. 

Can I change the travel date indicated on my ticket?

You must show your ticket to the agency that issued it or to one of the central agencies of Minoan Lines so that it be replaced provided there is availability on the desired date.

How can I turn a ticket into an open-date ticket?

You should contact either the agent who issued your ticket or the central agency or the port agency of Minoan Lines before vessel departure.
If the reservation has been made through, please email us at with the reservation number and your request for your ticket to be turned into an open-date ticket.

How long does an open-date ticket last?

These types of tickets are valid for one year from the date of departure, if there is a departure date shown.
If there is no departure date, open-date tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.

How long is my ticket valid in case I cancel my booking?

In the event of cancellation, you must cancel your booking prior to departure by contacting our central agencies. In such case, your ticket will be turned into an open-date ticket.

How can I pay for my ticket?

You can pay for your ticket: 

  • By making a reservation via and by paying online for your ticket by Visa, MasterCard, Diners, AMEX (debit and credit card) or PayPal. 

  • By cash you can pay for your ticket directly to our central agencies, the port offices and to all affiliated travel agencies.
  •  By credit card or debit card, you can pay for your ticket to the central agencies where all cards (debit and credit) are accepted.
  • You can also pay for your ticket over the phone using a Visa, MasterCard or DINERS (debit and credit card).

What happens if I lose my ticket?

In case of ticket loss, the passenger must notify the agent who issued the ticket or our Company headquarters.

The lost ticket shall be replaced without extra charge to the passenger, except in the case of change in price or class, in which case the passenger will be charged with the appropriate fare difference.

What happens if departure is cancelled or delayed?

Minoan Lines shall not be responsible for any delay in service or vogage cancellations due to adverse weather conditions or as ordered by the Ministry of Merchantile Marine or of the Port Authorities or for reasons of force majeure.

In this case, tickets can be redeemed at the Central Port Agencies or to the issuing agency upon presentation of the ticket being intact.
Passengers who are already on board must ensure that they have collected the ticket slip kept during check-in at the vessel’s Front Office before disembarking.

What happens if I decide to cancel a prepaid ticket?

The ticket can be turned into an open-date ticket (once printed and received by the customer).

Full ticket refund is made for voyage cancellations due to force majeure or adverse weather conditions.

If you wish to redeem your ticket anyway, the following conditions apply:

Cancellations / Changes

For domestic routes:

From the date of ticket issue and up to 14 days before the scheduled departure date: 100% refund of the fare.

13 days up to 7 days prior to departure: 75% refund of the fare.

6 days up to 12 hours before the scheduled departure: 50% refund of the fare.


Adriatic Lines:

10% penalty (excluding fixed dues) up to 30 days prior to sailing

30% penalty (excluding fixed dues) from 29 to 7 days prior to sailing

50% penalty (excluding fixed dues) from 6 to 2 days prior to sailing

100% penalty, 24 hours or less from departure

Refunds are made only by the agency that has issued the ticket.


• NON-SHOW and OPEN TICKETS (on both lines) are non-refundable.

• SPECIAL FARE tickets (i.e. EARLY BOOKING) are subject to special cancellation conditions.

Can I book my tickets over the phone?

By all means!

Please call 8011175000 from a landline (the price of a local call), 18175 from your mobile phone or landline and (+30) 2810 399899 from Greece and abroad.
You can also book your tickets with your travel agent.