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E.g., 01-12-2021
E.g., 01-12-2021

Discount for large families

Book your tickets now to and from Piraeus or Heraklion and enjoy the bright smiles on your family’s faces! We made sure that you enjoy your trip at half price.

Useful Information:

• 50% discount for aircraft-type VIP and DECK seats.

• 30% discount for all other classes 

• The discount is applicable for children aged up to 25 years.

• 20% discount for bikes and cars (class 1).

• The LUX class is not included in the discount.

• It is also valid for foreigners upon demonstration of children’s passports.

• During ticket issuing and boarding, beneficiaries are required to demonstrate the certificate of his marital status or a corresponding certificate of a competent foreign authority, accompanied by the certificate of the Supreme Confederation of Large Families of Greece

Make your reservation in Minoan's e-booking service by selecting “Member of family with 4 children or more” in Step 2 in " Select passenger type/discount "

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