Travelling with children: 5 proposals for creative hours

Are you about to travel and you are wondering what your children will do for so many hours on board? No need to worry. If you are properly prepared, both you and your children, you will be able to enjoy your trip without moaning and crying.

Select one or more of the 5 activities and let your children be creative during the day:

1. Toys 

Be sure to take along their favorite toys and give them endless hours of pleasure.


An alternative way to spend time is reading books or comics. And time goes faster...


If your children enjoy painting, a block and a few markers will keep them occupied for hours.


In addition to lunch and dinner in the restaurant, you can treat your children to an ice cream or dessert at the Bar of the ship, while you enjoy your coffee overlooking the sea.


Spend time together "exploring" the ship! Admire the beauty of the sea from the deck or discover the other areas of the ship and make the entire trip a game!