5 tips to relax and enjoy your trip

For many people, their holidays start or end on board and it is very important to be able to enjoy every moment! Aiming at your convenience, we recommend 5 tips to help you relax and enjoy the trip:

1.    Check in at a cabin

You can avoid, thus, the crowds in public places on board and find your peace in the warmth of your cabin. 

2.    Dine at À la Carte

Naturally, the Self-Service restaurant attracts most people and there can be lots of noise during peak hours. Choose À la Carte restaurant for a full meal in a quieter environment and you and your company enjoy your meal.

3.    Take advantage of the Spa & Gym

Get rid of anxiety and stress with a professional massage by the qualified staff of the Spa or with a visit to the sauna and steam room, in the specially designated areas. (The Spa and Gym are available at Cruise Europa and Cruise Olympia) 

4.    Enjoy the sea

If the weather permits, visit the swimming pool or the deck of the ship and enjoy the trip, overlooking the blue sky and sea.

5.    Get rid of your mobile

If you really want to relax, try not to use your mobile phone, laptop or tablet. There are so many things you can do at sea, as long as you discover them (https://www.minoan.gr/en/onboard-services/crete).

Have a nice trip!