Traveling in a cabin: The list with what you should have in your suitcase

Are you preparing for your next trip on board of one of our ships, and you're not sure if you have taken with you what is necessary? Read the list of things that we think you'll want to have with you at sea or in your cabin to feel at home and enjoy your trip on Domestic and International routes: 


    1 track suit (to feel more comfortable or to visit the Gym on board)
    1 set of clothes / lingerie
    1 dinner outfit (for the Bars, the restaurant, the Disco or Casino on board)
    1 swimsuit (for the pool or steam room)
    1 pair of pajamas
    1 pair of slippers
    1 jacket
    1 pair of socks

2.Cosmetics/ Necessities

    shampoo/ body wash
    toothpaste/ toothbrush
    shaving machine
    various cosmetics (i.e. deodorant, sunscreen, perfume etc.)
    accessories
    sunglasses / hat
    drugs

3.    Miscellaneous

    mobile charger
    camera or camcorder / charger
    tablet or laptop / charger
    books
    MP3 player / charger
    Necessary documents (i.e. tickets, ID, passport, etc)

If you wish you can print this list and refer to it when you pack your suitcase. If you forget something, remember that our stores and kiosks on board have a large variety of products at very affordable prices.