Chania - Piraeus


Discount for large families
Book your tickets now to and from Piraeus or Heraklion and enjoy the bright smiles on your family’s faces! We made sure that you enjoy your trip at ha...


Discount for persons over 60 years
Do not hide your age... you will lose! People who have reached 60 years of age enjoy a 25% discount on their tickets.Useful info:25% discount for all ...


Discount for NAT pensioners
Choose Minoan Lines for one of your next trips in the domestic routes and enjoy it at a 50% discount on your tickets and the tickets of your wife/husb...


Daily Ticket Fares for the Chania-Piraeus Trips
Do you want to earn during the day while travelling? On the new Chania- Piraeus trip you earn a discount on passenger and vehicle tickets.Useful Info:...


Discount for people with disability or reduced mobility
Travel from/to Chania with a 50% discount on both yours and your escort’s tickets. The discount applies for people with a disability over 80%, carryin...


Minoan Lines begins a unique cooperation with Alpha Bank Bonus
Now enjoy each trip with the luxurious Cruise Ferries of Minoan Lines to Crete and Italy and win points with the Bonus cards of Alpha Bank.Also book y...


Discount for children aged 5 to 12 years
The holidays have begun! Travel with your family, benefit from a 50% discount on children’s tickets and enjoy the experience of travelling with Minoan...


Discount for the War invalids, war victims and their companions
We recognize your offer to our country and we reward you with 50% discount on your and your companion’s tickets.Useful Information: • The discount is ...


Discount for people with disabilities - Blind people and their Companions
Enjoy 50% discount on your ticket and your own companion to escape... Useful Information: • The discount applies for people with a disability over ...


Discount for families with three children
If you have three children, Minoan Lines travels you in domestic routes at a 30% discount on your tickets!Create family memories for a lifetime, with ...


ISIC Student Card
Are you a holder of the ISIC student card?Then, do not miss the opportunity to visit unique destinations in Greece and Italy, enjoying a discount of u...


In 4 passengers 1 travels for free
Choose destination, cabin and… off you go, along with your friends or family, as one (1) out of four (4) persons travels for free in a quadruple cabin...
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