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Just follow these steps:

1.    Choose the destination of your choice.

2.   Choose the accommodation or vehicle category you wish.

3.    Check the rest of your points.

4.    Get your ticket for free if your points are sufficient!

Consult the reward table:



Points Redemption Table Heraklion- Milos - Piraeus and International Lines

 Heraklion- Milos - Piraeus FreeHeraklion- Milos - Piraeus reduction 30%International Lines (From 1/4 until 30/9)International Lines (From 1/10 until 31/3)

L1/LD1 Lux single)125037025001250
L2/L3/L4/LD2/LD3/LD4(2/3/4κλινη Λούξ)10003001650825
A1(1-berth outside)10703201900950
A2(2-berth outside)8402501250625
Α3(3-berth outside)6602001100550
A4(4-berth outside)640190900450
AB1(1-berth inside)10003001600800
AB2(2-berth inside)7702301100550
ΑΒ3(3-berth inside)600180950475
AB4(4-berth inside)600180750375
P1(1-berth outside pet)124037020901045
P2(2-berth outside pet)9002801320660
P3(3-berth outside pet)7302201230615
P4(4-berth outside pet)640200910455
AP1(1-berth inside pet)12003501900950
AP2(2-berth inside pet)8402501200600
AP3(3-berth inside pet)6702001100550

AP4(4-berth inside pet)570170850425
AES/ATS (air-type seat.economy--550275
VTR1 (Trailer/camper/caravan 6m.long and up to 2m. high)920280650325
VAR2 / VTR2(Trailer/camper/caravan up to 6m.long and over 2m high)10803301100550
VAR3 / VTR3 (Trailer/camper/caravan from 6.01m up to 8 m)12603801800900
VAR4 / VTR4 (Trailer/camper/caravan from 8.01 to 10m long)142043029001450
VAR5 / VTR5 (Trailer/camper/caravan over 10m long)--39001950


Points Redemption Table Chania- Piraeus - Chania

 Free30% Reduction

DECK (ticket with no bed)31095
AB4(4-berth inside)495150
A4(4-berth outside)545165
AB3(3-berth inside)495150
A3(3-berth outside)545165
AB2(2-berth inside)670200
A2(2-berth outside)745225
AB1(1-berth inside)1000300
A1(1-berth inside)1110335
LD/L2(2 birth Lux)815245
L1 (Lux single)1225370
LD1( Lux single)1225370
AP1(1-berth inside pet)1200360
AP2(2-berth inside pet)670200
AP3(3-berth inside pet)495150
AP4(4-berth inside pet)495150
P1(1-berth outside pet)1280385
P2(2-berth outside pet)745225
P3(3-berth outside pet)545165
VAR2(Trailer/camper/caravan up to 6m.long and over 2m high)960290
VAR3(Trailer/camper/caravan from 6.01m up to 8 m)1120335
VAR4(Trailer/camper/caravan from 8.01 to 10m long)1280385
VTR1(Trailer/camper/caravan 6m.long and up to 2m. high)800240
VTR2(Trailer/camper/caravan up to 6m.long and over 2m high)960290
VTR3(Trailer/camper/caravan from 6.01m up to 8 m)1120335
VTR4(Trailer/camper/caravan from 8.01 to 10m long)1280385


Points Redemption Table Cyclades Lines

Please press here


•   The points are for a seat/ berth per person one-way, except one-berth cabins that refer to the whole cabin one-way.

•   Redemption of points is not offered for the “All Inclusive Camping” service.

•   The column “Domestic Lines" shows the cost of each ticket in points for all routes served by Minoan Lines in Greece.

•   The column "International Lines (From 01/04 to 30/09)" shows the cost of each ticket in points for all routes served by Minoan Lines abroad (Greece - Italy), for the period 01/04 to 30/09.

•   The column "International Lines (From 01/10 to 31/03)" shows the cost of each ticket in points for all routes served by Minoan Lines abroad (Greece - Italy), for the period 01/10 to 31/03.

Point Redemption Example:

Let’s suppose you have 1,200 points in your account and you want to travel to Ancona in May. You can choose any travel class from column 2 in the Benefits Table (AB2, A4, AB4, VIP / ATS, DECK) that your points cover.

If you choose to travel in an A4 cabin, you will redeem 900 points and are left with a balance of 300 points.

Be informed about the available points in your account:

Check the rest of your points:

•    online, via your Account, 

•   by sending an SMS to 19619, writing MC (BLANK) and the number of your Bonus Club card (valid within Greece with a charge of € 0,31/ SMS incl. VAT), or

•   by calling from landline or mobile at 214-214-8990 and entering your Bonus Club card number.

Point Redemption Procedure:

You can redeem your points by calling the Reservations Department at +30 2810 399899 or contact the Head Offices of Minoan Lines: 

•   Athens: 59, Panepistimiou Ave & 1, Emm.Mpenaki Str, tel: +30 210 3376910 

•    Piraeus: 6-10, Thermopylon Str. Ag.Dionysios, tel: +30 210 4145744

•   Heraklion: 17, 25 Avgoustou Str, tel: +30 2810 399899

You can also visit the port agencies of Minoan Lines and redeem your points up to 3 hours before the ship’s departure.