Carso Triestino is a unique natural landscape, which is mainly due to the weathering of the bedrock of the area by the wind and water. Just think that the surrounding houses have thick walls to resist the Bora, the strongest northeast winds, which can reach up to 90 miles/hour.

This very interesting point surrounds the city of Trieste and is accessible by tram, operating since 1902, and is in itself a tourist attraction. When you climb the hill of Carso you will also enjoy landscapes and images that are breathtaking.

Huge caves, tunnels, streams of running water, underground lakes and rivers make this route ideal for those who want to come closer to nature and live a different experience.

Also, the climate is quite dry and arid in summer, while in winter temperatures fall. This does not prevent the natives of the region to cultivate olive groves and vineyards and produce their internationally known wine. 

Finally, on the brink of Carso Triestino an important religious monument, the church of Monte Grissa, is located. It is worth a visit! Let the wind and the breathtaking view of the Gulf of Trieste to lure you!