The district of Splantzia, with its central square, now called 1821 Square, lies at the east side of Chania, near Kasteli. Characteristic features of the area are the church of Saint Nicholas, part of the old Dominican monastery, and the Venetian church of San Rocco, who protected the city against cholera.

During the Turkish occupation, when Splantzia constituted the town’s centre, the church of Saint Nicholas was the main mosque and was known as “Hünkâr Camii” (the “Emperor’s Mosque”).

Back then, Splantzia comprised the biggest Turkish quarter. You will also notice an iron railing enclosure, behind which a flight of steps leads underground to a big fountain that was used by the worshippers going to the mosque. In 1919, the mosque was converted into an orthodox church.

Nowadays the visitor can enjoy the cool shade of the big plane tree at the centre of the square and make a short stop at the cafés around.