Municipal Market

It is impossible to miss the exceptional building of the Municipal Market, at the centre of the city. During the Venetian rule, the area was occupied by the open-air public market, bustling with commercial activity.

The open-air market ceased its operations in 1908, when the municipal authority decided to actually “house” the market. The construction of the existing market building started in 1911. It is a stately cross-shaped structure with four entry doors, one at each wing. It was inaugurated in 1913 by Eleftherios Venizelos, “firing the starter pistol” for butcher shops, fishmonger’s shops, grocery stores and popular tavernas to open for business.

Nowadays, you will visit the Municipal Market to buy souvenirs that escape the rules of the “touristic” style, take a stroll inside the impressive building that houses more than 70 shops, and taste fresh and delicious local delicacies.