Maritime Museum of Crete

Upon entering the port of Chania, one will surely notice a characteristic red building, the Fortress of Firka, which was constructed by the Venetians (1204-1669) with the purpose of housing the local garrison.

The Maritime Museum of Crete, at the entrance of the Fortress, was inaugurated on the 27th of May 1973; in 2011 it became officially part of the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

The rich maritime tradition of Crete unfolds through the three permanent exhibitions of the museum: the Marine Environment Exhibition, the Exhibition of the Battle of Crete and the Exhibition of Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding.

Let yourself get carried away by the natural submarine beauty of the Greek seabed and admire, from up close, creatures that live there. The Battle of Crete, one of the most shocking chapters of World War II, opens just a little ahead, through a display of material dating back to 1941. The Ancient and Traditional Shipbuilding Exhibition will give you the opportunity to examine a reconstructed Minoan era ship model from up close, marvel at the way shipbuilding tools were used, and witness the stages of its process.

Make sure that the Maritime Museum of Crete  – with its collection of 2,500 exhibits, such as artifacts, objects found on the seabed, photos dating back to the 1940s, ship models, nautical equipment and tools – is included in your tour of the harbour of Chania!