Venizelos Tombs

Just 5 km from Chania, on the road to Akrotiri and the airport, there are the graves of Eleftherios and Sofoklis Venizelos.

The location is breathtaking, since the hill of the church of Prophet Elias, where the Greek politician and his son were buried, offers unhindered panoramic views of the bay of Chania. The building of the church, following the Venetian style, dates from the early 16th century.

Eleftherios Venizelos had expressed the desire to be buried there, as the spot is close to his home in the district of Chalepa. It is a particularly remarkable location with gardens, cobblestoned narrow lanes and pine trees, all of which compose a unique scenery. In the beautiful gardens sits the statue of Spyros Kagialedakis, a local hero, who raised the greek flag using his body as flagstaff, as he was facing the firings coming from the ships of the Great Powers, during the revolution of Akrotiri in 1897.