Archaeological Museum of Chania

The visitor of the Archaeological Museum of Chania will be enchanted not only by the Venetian architecture building that once housed the Monastery of Saint Francis, but also by the exhibits, consisting of findings dating back to the Minoan and Historical eras.

The museum started operating in 1963 and today it hosts rich collections of vases, figurines, jewellery found in tombs in the Prefecture of Chania, diadems, sculptures, stone inscriptions etc. The most remarkable exhibit is a Roman era statue of a philosopher, from the ancient town of Elyros.

The exhibition also contains collections dating back to the Late Neolithic Period and the Bronze Age: handmade clay vases, Linear A inscriptions, tablets and sealings, vases made at the local workshop of Minoan Cydonia; the most remarkable item is a ceramic pyxis depicting a kithara player. In 2000, the Konstantinos, Marika and Kyriakos Mitsotakis Collection was donated to the museum, where it now constitutes a permanent exhibition.

Do not miss the cultural events organised with the Cretan sky as a natural backdrop! The Museum is at a short distance from the urban bus station (Municipal Market square) and the intercity bus station (Kydonia street).