The Monastery of Hagia Triada of Tzagaroli

Just 15 kilometres from the town of Chania, in the vicinity of the airport, lies one of the wealthiest, most beautiful and most interesting monasteries of Crete, the Monastery of Hagia Triada (Holy Trinity) of Tzagaroli. It was constructed during the Venetian occupation and still stands proud, defying the passage of time.

Upon arriving at the monastery, you will see a huge building complex, the centre of which is dominated by the main church. The stone-paved courtyard leads to the rest of the monastery buildings, but also to the monks’ quarters. Inside the court, next to the main entrance, you will find the museum, where you can see religious icons and other important ecclesiastical artifacts that survived various disasters.

However, the Monastery of Hagia Triada of Tzagaroli is also famous for its wine (called “Monastiriako”) and olive oil production, a 400-year-old tradition. The building complex also hosts the winery. Apart from oil and wine, the monks also produce and export honey, vinegar and olive oil soap, all really worth a try.