Venetian Harbour – Egyptian Lighthouse

The Venetian Harbour of Chania is probably among the most photographed places in Crete. Even if this is your first visit there, you will feel familiar with the place.

Start your stroll from the seaside, where your first stop will be at the imposing building of the Maritime Museum of Crete, at the entrance of the harbour. After admiring the rich naval heritage of Chania, continue your walk to the Tukish mosque of Küçük Hasan (Yali Camisi). During your walk you can sit in one of the waterside cafés and restaurants and enjoy the enchanting view and local delicacies. You will surely be offered a shot of raki too!

Before continuing your tour around the famous alleyways of the Old Town of Chania, with the blooming bougainvilleas, the fragrant basil plants and the picturesque balconies, do not miss the chance to visit the Egyptian lighthouse, standing on the same spot since the late 16th century. It is one of the world’s oldest lighthouses, measuring 21 metres in height; it was built by the Venetians, rebuilt by the Egyptians, and is a trademark of the harbour. Pose next to this “gem of the city”, as the locals call it, and take a very special souvenir with you.