Chora of Mykonos (Mykonos Town) combines a cosmopolitan atmosphere with Cycladic beauty and creates a picturesque scenery, captured in millions of photos to this day.

A walk around Chora starts from Palio Limani (the Old Port) where luxury boats and yachts usually moore, continues to the Manto Mavrogenous Square and ends at the edge of Gyalos (the seafront). 

Matogianni street, also known as “Matogiannia”, is one the busiest streets in Chora, where you can stroll, shop, eat or have a drink. After all, the heart of entertainment beats in Mykonos Chora!

The scenic Mikri Venetia (Little Venice), known to locals as “Alefkandra”, with its colorful balconies “hanging” above the sea , is yet another point of interest, a definite must-visit for the enjoyment of a magical sunset, as the sun dives and disappears into the sea. 

Last but not least, a walk and a photo at the Cycladic windmills are not to be missed, as one of your keepsakes,  upon leaving the “island of the winds”!