The trip to Antiparos is a must for every visitor of Paros. Whether you decide to spend a whole day or a few hours there, Antiparos will greet you and enchant you with its picturesque beauty and its own particular offers regarding entertainment, shopping and food. 

During the morning hours, Antiparos is an ideal place for swimming at beaches with blue, crystal clear waters and caves, such as Epitafios. Some of the best known beaches are Faneromeni, Agios Sostis, Fanari and Soros. Some of them are organised, some of them are isolated, each of them has its own individual beauty.

Apart from the charming little harbour of Antiparos, where you will arrive by ferry boat from Paros, it is worth walking through the alleys, from which you can see emerge Agia Marina, the windmill and the bright whitewashed Cycladic houses. From the picturesque square of the island you can immediately find yourself in the Castle and feel carried to a different era.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the local delicacy, i.e. the «gouna», a sun-dried fish, but also to enjoy the island’s nightlife experience, that feels complete with a visit to «La Luna», the legendary disco.