Panagia Ekatontapyliani

The historic church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani is the most famous attraction of Paros and it is situated in its capital, Parikia. 

It is the largest Early Christian monument in Greece, and, according to the tradition it was built in the 4th century AD by Constantine the Great in fulfillment of his mother’s, Saint Helen’s, wish. 

It is also known as «Katapoliani». In the interior, in the bema apse, there are two impressive structures: the marble ciborium that stands over the Altar and the marble semicircular synthronon.

If you happen to be in Paros on the 15th of August you will have the opportunity to witness the procession of the icon of Panagia Ekatontapyliani around the steets of Parikia. The celebrations begin right afterwards, and as they reach their peak in the evening, the fireworks illuminate the sky above.